Flavour Experiments

Simple post this time around ( im making some red velvet cupcakes tomorrow, first time making american style cupcakes or frosting, so a bigger post tomorrow). I had decided to make some more macarons to get some practice in and to try and improve. Well that didnt happen exactly! I used my tried and true Pierre Herme recipe using a sugar syrup for my egg whites but something, and I have no real idea what, went wrong. The eggs just wouldn’t get to the stage I needed them so I made do with as best as I could get them but I wasn’t happy. Earlier today when I was deciding on the flavours to make I suddenly though to have a little experiment with my favourite cookie the Oreo. Some may see this as the bastardisation of the macaron but i thought it was fun. I also made a raspberry. Both these fillings were just simple flavoured creams, I wasn’t really in the mood for making a buttercream after my earlier problem so I stuck with simple. The flavours are not bad the raspberry is not too strong and light and the oreo is nice in a guilty way but then theres nothing wrong with a guilty pleasure. 


As you can clearly see the macarons were far from perfect, but im happy with the flavours. I wont bother to post the recipe as its already on the blog and the fillings were very simple flavoured creams and I didnt follow a recipe.


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