Treat to Myself


I have been wanting to buy a mixer for a long time and this weekend I opened my wallet and parted with my cash and treated myself to a lovely Kitchenaid Artisan mixer. Annoyingly in the UK for some reason they cost so much more then thy do in the US but now that ive got it I don’t even mind. Im so happy with it, to give it a test run (like I needed an excuse) I made a cake for my Brothers birthday. I was requested to make a red velvet cake after the success of my cupcakes. I used the exact same recipe but as originally intended as a cake. 






 I wasn’t really paying attention to the  time but everything seemed a bit easier  and i ended up with a little less to clean  up












As before I used the basic cream cheese frosting but I think was a little mistake. Whilst it tasted great it just wasn’t thick enough to hold up properly so next time I make this ill try the frosting recipe in the Baked book




In May im going to New York and im so excited I cant wait. I am however a bit of a list person and I like to plan ahead. Tonight I sat down with a slice of the cake and planned some of my trip. If anyone has any must do suggestions drop me a line or leave a comment



8 responses to “Treat to Myself

  1. Must does – tips
    – walk around in SOHO -every street if possible
    – go to Dean & Deluca – they sell great baking stuff – e.g. sugar in all different colors to decorate your cupcakes
    – cupcakes = magnolia bakery super famous after sex and the city but certainly worth a visit
    – carnegie deli – cheesecake to die for
    – MOMA
    – guggenheim
    – walk, walk, walk around the city to really experience the city
    – staten island ferry if possible early in the morning so that you’re among people going to work.
    – walk along the Brooklyn Bridge
    – Top of the rock
    Enjoy your stay!

  2. i love your simple layout and your recipes
    adding you to my links list hope you dont mind!!

  3. You have to have a hot dog/pretzel from a cart on the street.

    You must eat a cupcake. While there are so many in Manhattan (I still rely on Magnolia), I suggest to you to go to Baked in Brooklyn (the very bakery of the authors of the recipe book you got the red velvet cake from).

    Eat a huge slice of pizza – good anywhere.

    Eat NY steak and eggs. YUM!

    Walk through Central Park, see the John Lennon memorial. 🙂

  4. city bakery! a delicious natural foods salad bar and the best baked goods. i say make time for two trips.

  5. Hi, I just discovered your blog, and everything looks delicious!
    Regarding your issue with the consistency of the cream cheese frosting, I think that the problem is the kind of cream cheese available in the UK (I’m from the states and am living in the UK for the year, and have been frustrated by exactly the same problem when I make carrot cake here). In the states, there are three different thicknesses of plain cream cheese available: regular, soft, and whipped. US baking recipes always call for regular cream cheese, which is quite solid (not very spreadable when cold). On the other hand, I think most people would use soft or whipped for topping bagels. Here in London, the only kind I’ve been able to find is the soft variety (hence the name ‘soft cheese’ I think). This leads to a much thinner frosting than you would expect, if you’re using an American recipe. My solution has just been to use more cheese, less butter, and a little more icing sugar than I would normally.
    Sorry for the long explanation of what really isn’t such a big problem (although it did bother me quite a bit the first time I made the frosting!). Hope it helps, anyways.

    • Hi Christine, Thanks so much for the information, I had no idea cream cheese comes in different forms, makes a lot more sense why my frosting was so thin

  6. You made a red cake with a red mixer! Nice.

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