Take 2


Decided to take a second swing (sports metaphors – who knew!!) at the previous flapjack recipe as I wasn’t too happy with the banana flavour in the previous batch (although others did rather like the banana). Like I mentioned in the previous post I thought the recipe I used last time would stand up to a lot of playing around with and it appears I was right. To be fair flapjack recipes are pretty basic and simple.



I always prefer butter in the place of margarine so I switched out the Butter and Margarine ratio’s and increased the butter by 10g as I wasn’t including the banana. I also let the Butter, Sugar and Syrup mixture cook a little longer to caramelise the sugar slightly. 



To recap then the ingredients are the same but the Butter is 70g and the Margarine 30g but everything else is the same as is the technique except cook the sugar, butter, syrup a little longer. If you prefer your flapjacks more simply flavoured and as originally made then these are much more down your alley.


One response to “Take 2

  1. First blog I read after wakeup from sleep today!

    Are you tension? panic?

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