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Candy Making Failure

I was hoping to make some Honeycomb candy, I had read it was easy and I loved it as a kid so I though why not. I found a very simple recipe on but it was far from successful. I was also testing a new camera (Canon Ixus 100 / Powershot SD780) which probably didnt help. Thinking about it now my problem was that putting the pan into a water bath to stop the candy made it harden faster than I could work with and so i had to mix the mixture more to incorporate the baking soda which reduced the size of the bubbles and so my honeycomb was flat and not as it should be. 


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Awesome Oatmeal and Raisin Cookies



One of my all time favourite blogs is a constant source of inspiration and whenever I fancy baking something I search there first to see what Deb, the author, has tried. So far i’ve only had one dud recipe from and this is very possible just because of my aversion to oil based cakes. Everything else i’ve tried has been very good but I think this is my favourite so far. Like Deb when I think of great Oatmeal Raisin Cookies I have quite specific tastes. They need to thick and chewy but I don’t want any crunch. These were so good im very glad I only baked a few because I would of eaten them all. I froze the rest once shaped so next time I get a craving I’ll know where to head. 

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Homemade Oreo’s



Every now and again I turn to to watch a couple of videos from past shows and on my last visit I found these. Im a big fan of Oreo’s and seeing a recipe for them I jumped at trying it, and you know what they tasted pretty close. Even though they are not spot on they still taste great. Two weeks from tomorrow I will be setting of on my trip to NYC and you know what, I cant wait, and these american cookies are just a teaser of things to come (for me at least). I plan on doing a post (or three) of round ups so watch out for them.

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Baking Diversion – Gai Pad Grappow


Recipe from


I know this is supposed to be a baking blog but man cant live on baked goods alone, no matter how hard I try! After seeing this dish in numerous places online I decided to give it a go. Gai Pad Grappow is basically minced chicken with green beans chili garlic and fish sauce. Its a very simple dish to make but there are few things you will need to juggle in order to serve everything warm, especially if serving with the egg.

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