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Caramelized White Chocolate (in Ginger Ice Cream)

Do you ever see something online and just cant get it out of your head (no nothing like THAT!!). A couple of weeks ago David Lebovitz posted about his visit to the L’ecole du Grand Chocolate Valhrona and the new technique he learnt, how to caramelise white chocolate. Im one of those people that actually like white chocolate, I really like its creamy taste and so this idea seemed like heaven. Even more delicious sounding though was the idea he mentioned as an aside, fresh ginger ice cream with the chocolate swirled in. Sounds good doesn’t it. Well I couldnt wait any longer and as the weather was perfect this weekend I decided it was time to try it out. Continue reading



One of the places that I had heard about more than anywhere else before my trip was the Momofuku restaurants. I had wanted to have a really nice meal and I was willing to pay for it. I wasn’t sure where it was going to be but when I saw the Momofuku Ssam Bar lunch menu (and the amazing price) I settled on here. I wanted a place that was relaxed and not too formal as I would be dining alone so wanted to be comfortable. The three course meal was $25 and it was a big meal, I was stuffed. Continue reading

Unexpected Trip to Brighton Beach

When I was planning my trip to NYC I knew I probably wouldn’t, this time at least, step outside Manhattan much. I never thought I would end up traveling to the edge of Brooklyn ending up in Brighton Beach or Little Russia as its also known. I had met Robyn (see burger post) for burgers in midtown and she kindly invited to me to tag along to a photo shoot a friend of hers was doing.   Continue reading

Ice Cream and a Book

Its funny but as I get older I seem to find more links from family in the past that involve food. I always knew my Uncles were Butchers (of sorts they sold mostly cooked meats) and that my Grandfather ran market stalls across lancashire selling meats as well as biscuits during the war, which were a luxury due to rationing. Recently though I found out my Great Grandfather was an ice cream man. I found this out after making my first ever batch of ice cream this past weekend. I had been waiting for my ice cream maker to arrive for what seemed like ages and when it did finally arrive last friday it went straight in the freezer and as soon as I could I whipped up a batch of Butterscotch Pecan from the amazing book by David Lebovitz – “The Perfect Scoop” which David had suggested in an interview on Continue reading

Shake Shack v Burger Joint

I like a good burger but its not a regular thing and its not something I would really strive to search out a good one but that may well be because ive not really had good burgers before. Most burger places I seem to encounter are the mega chain type that I would rather not patronise. I had read about Shake Shack a lot before my trip and when I found out they would be serving salted caramel frozen custard whilst I was there, it became a no-brainer. My second burger of my trip was had with Robyn of and and we decided to try out Burger Joint another joint regularly on top 10 lists of NYC burgers along with Shake Shack. Continue reading

Summery Salad and Refreshing Drink + Name Change


This past weekend we were blessed with some wonderful weather so I decided to take advantage and cooked some summery food and drink. A couple of weeks ago I had a lie in and woke up just in time to see Rachel Allen cook what looked like a lovely Puy Lentil and Coriander Chicken Salad. I decided straight away that I would, at some point, make it. The same was true when I saw the recipe for ginger ale on I recently decided I want to try and cook more for everyday meals so I am branching out and going to try a new recipe once a week that will be a meal rather than baking. I will of course continue to bake, but as much as I try my body sometimes needs a bit of something more than sugar. As such I have also decided to change the name of the site to to match the content. If anyone has bookmarked or subscribed to this should still work as the new name is hosted on wordpress so you shouldn’t need to change anything.

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Cupcake Wars!



Okay not really wars, there were no battle lines drawn, no bombs dropped and no deaths. In fact its more like accidental cupcake comparisons. I actually didn’t plan on eating any cupcakes in NYC, I had other things on my mind. Over the trip I actually ate 4, maybe my sub conscious just desires cupcakes maybe I am powerless to resist. After not planning on eating any, I had my first after not being in the city for a full 2 hours, even before I got to my hotel. 

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