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I have just returned from NYC for a week and I ate a lot, actually I may have even eaten too much (is that even possible). Im going to be doing a number of post in the near future to cover the whole lot but to start off this post is going to cover the more traditional things I ate, things that may be seen as traditionally New York eats. I may be 24 but I only got around to watching When Harry Met Sally recently. In the “Famous” scene, you know the one I mean, Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan’s characters eat in a Deli in the east village called Katz, a Jewish Kosher style place. Subsequently it gets a lot of traffic from this but it has been around since 1888 so its fair to say this is probably not the reason it is still here. I decided to get the traditional choice of Pastrami on Rye.


Having never having pastrami before I wasn’t sure what to expect.  The sandwich was pretty huge and I had eaten quite well that day already so there was no way I was eating it all, my stomach is not a bottomless pit despite the way I treat it sometimes. The flavor was okay, it was gently flavored and I would have preferred a bit more strength, but the texture was spot on. The meat was still warm and melted in the mouth and a touch of mustard made the sandwich pretty yummy. My problem was the price, in total the cost including a soda was $18 – for a sandwich! pretty expensive but I have a suggestion if this place is on your list. If there is two of you and you cant eat half a cow each get a sandwich to share.



Getting as far away from an $18 dollar sandwich as you can get comes the New York staple of Hot Dogs, in this case from Grays Papaya in the West Village. For under $5 you can get the recession special two dogs and one of the juice drinks. I got two plain Hot Dogs and the Orange drink. The meat was really..well…meaty and add to this a bit of ketchup and it was really nice. The juice was surprisingly good, perfect for the hot day we were having.


Whilst I was in NYC made a little video of my trip take a look.


4 responses to “NYC Eats

  1. I just came back from New York, too. We were staying right by Katz’s but sadly never got there. I am now kicking myself, looking at that pastrami!

    My sister directed me to your blog – it’s wonderful! It’s hard to find other UK-based baking bloggers so I’m delighted I’ve found you. Your stuff looks great and I look foward to reading more.

    • I know what you mean most of the food blogs i read are in the US so im glad you found another UK blog (and vice versa – your blog is beautiful)

  2. Edd,

    I just can’t believe this. I think you are me. When I was in NYC, I went to the same places and ate the same things. And now I want to go back, looking at your pictures. That black cherry soda was delicious.

    I was also just looking at your green grasshopper cake. Where’d you get a turntable for icing, and what kind of spatula do you use? Have you done a post about your tools of the trade and where to get them? That’s a request, please. 🙂

    • haha weird, I would love to go back again hopefully wont be too long. THe turntable just came from my local kitchenware store, cost about £15 and the spatula I use is a large offset spatula, the two make the icing much easier

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