Unexpected Trip to Brighton Beach

When I was planning my trip to NYC I knew I probably wouldn’t, this time at least, step outside Manhattan much. I never thought I would end up traveling to the edge of Brooklyn ending up in Brighton Beach or Little Russia as its also known. I had met Robyn (see burger post) for burgers in midtown and she kindly invited to me to tag along to a photo shoot a friend of hers was doing.  

So we set off on a glorious day to Brighton Beach which is just down from Coney Island. We spent a couple of hours with Diana the photographer as well as Greg and Kathy, Robyns other friends as well as the two models Tristan and Roman. I had a really fun day but to end the day properly we went for food afterwards. We went to a place called Kashkar Cafe which served Uyghur Food (A Turkic ethnic group living in Eastern and Central Asia). Whilst ive never come across this food before (or heard of the name) Im now definitely a fan and have been craving one or two of the dishes from there since and am going to try recreate some of it soon.

We ordered a bunch of stuff to share and it was almost all really good (just one thing wasn’t great). We ordered Pilaf, Geiro Lagman, Manti, Samsa, Naryn, and Chicken Kebab. If you love lamb this is your place almost everything meat was lamb we must of eaten at least one lamb between the five of us. My favourite was the Lagman which oddly was listed under soups but was actually hand pulled noodles with lamb in a sauce which had Onions, Peppers, and Spring Onions and spiced with cumin which is definately a recurring flavour.

I also loved the Pilaf and the Naryn which was listed as “Dough Pieces with Seasoning” and was actually really good, seasoned again with cumin but served cold and was a real hit. The only not so good dish was the manti (dumplings) which were just a bit off for me the only flavour was lamb and it tasted off in some way.

Whilst we were there we noticed almost everyone was drinking a neon green soda so we ordered one too without knowing what it was. Turns out its tarragon soda, but actually didnt taste like it at all. Since its been about a month since them some of the details have faded a bit so enjoy the pics which are salivating enough even without knowing exactly whats in them

After that we headed back into the city and got gelato from L’arte Gelato and a Cupcake from Sweet Revenge both in the West Village. The whole day from start to finish was completely unexpected and such a great day. Robyn and her friends were great and again im surprised how friendly people were my whole trip (traveling alone is not scary at all but meeting great people makes it better). 

Kashkar Cafe

1141 Brighton Beach Avenue 

Brooklyn       10am-11pm


3 responses to “Unexpected Trip to Brighton Beach

  1. The pilaf looks yum–but that sausage up there kind of scares me!

    It *is* fun to travel alone, no?

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