Caramelized White Chocolate (in Ginger Ice Cream)

Do you ever see something online and just cant get it out of your head (no nothing like THAT!!). A couple of weeks ago David Lebovitz posted about his visit to the L’ecole du Grand Chocolate Valhrona and the new technique he learnt, how to caramelise white chocolate. Im one of those people that actually like white chocolate, I really like its creamy taste and so this idea seemed like heaven. Even more delicious sounding though was the idea he mentioned as an aside, fresh ginger ice cream with the chocolate swirled in. Sounds good doesn’t it. Well I couldnt wait any longer and as the weather was perfect this weekend I decided it was time to try it out. Its so easy to make but I still managed to mess it up. I was planning on swirling this into ice cream so I knew I would have to add something to the finsished product to stop it freezing solid when in the ice cream. I thought glucose would work quite well and so I added about three teaspoons to 200g of caramelised chocolate and … well … this happened

Yeah not so great. The chocolate seized and went into a grainy firm putty like blob! Not tasty. I tried to rescue it by giving a quick blast in the microwave to try and melt it together but it didn’t work. I chucked it in the freezer overnight and slept on how to save it. Thankfully I did manage to rescue it by melting it a bit in the microwave and then kind of making a ganache with it. I added roughly 100ml of hot whipping cream to the chocolate and then mixing it as well I could and then used an immersion blender to get it as smooth as possible and also put it through a sieve to completely smooth it out. Once it cooled I was left with a thick mixture that I thought would be fine for the ice cream. I wont post the ice cream recipe this time I really would suggest you get the book it really is great. Once it was churned I added the chocolate and ice cream in layers and tried to give it a swirl. The swirl wasn’t as fluid as it could have been, next time I would only add 1 or 2 tsp of glucose, but it still tasted amazing, seriously good, I really don’t think this will be in the freezer much longer.

The instructions really are so simple, you take your chocolate (I used 200g of 30% Green & Blacks) and chop it into coarse chunks and place it on a baking sheet (I used a ovenproof dish) and place in an oven heated to 250F/120C.

Leave it in for 10 minutes then take out and give a good stir, repeat every 10 mins for 40-60 mins until the chocolate has turned the shade of peanut butter and then add a pinch of salt. At some points the chocolate may well look unappetising but keep with it. All you need to decide know is what your going to use it for.

As the weather was so great we fired up the BBQ and cooked some burgers and then had some of the ice cream and some beautiful english strawberries and had a lovely relax in the garden


3 responses to “Caramelized White Chocolate (in Ginger Ice Cream)

  1. Ah, adding cream to rescue seized chocolate… I’ve done it several times myself!

    Glad you finally got your ice-cream maker. I so badly want one but as my freezer is little more than a teeny tray in an under-the-counter fridge, it’s not very practical. One day, though.

    Ice cream sounds delicious!

    • I would hate not to have it now really enjoy the whole process of making ice cream. sounds like you need a new fridge!

  2. Thank you! Same recipe, same seized chocolate! Mine never actually melted smoothly…I used quality stuff (31% cacao solids) but the darker it got, the drier it became! So I will add more warm cream, take the immersion blender to it and cross my fingers! I’m desperate to try this ice cream recipe!

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