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Peter Reinhart’s Napoletana Pizza Dough

Both my parents are great cooks and my family really enjoys its food, in fact a good few generations have worked with food in some way (I hope to join them some day). When I was younger my dad regularly made us pizza and I always used to look forward to those meals. He used a mix and I don’t think he ever made his own dough from scratch, but that didn’t matter I loved it. Im not sure why, but he stopped making it and hasn’t made a pizza since I was about 12. Now using a mix wouldn’t seem right to me so when I got the craving recently to make some pizza I had to make my own. Continue reading


Recipe Replication

Up until very recently I had never heard of the Uyghur ethnic group who live mainly in Eastern and Central Asia but recently have come across them twice and most importantly, to me at least, one of them involves food (of course). When I was in NYC, back in May I met up with Robyn and we went to Brighton beach where we ate at Café Kashkar and I had my first Uyghur Food. There was much food eaten and it was really great, lots and lots of lamb, full of spices but especially cumin and since I love cumin I was very happy. One of the dishes we had, Geiro Lagman, looked like I could possibly make it, if only I could find a recipe. Continue reading

London Eats

Some things may no be worthy of a post of their own but are still good eats so here are a few extras from my recent trip to London. First up is a great bagel place in north London. Oddly when I was in NYC I never got round to having a bagel so have no comparison to make except what i’ve eaten in the UK. Beigel Bake is Brick Lane and definitely beats out everything else i’ve had so far. It was chewy with a hint of sweetness and was cheap too at just 30p. We went in the morning so the place wasn’t busy but it opens 24hrs a day and apparently gets lines out the door in late evening. Continue reading

Baozi Inn

Dan Dan Nodles

I don’t get the opportunity to eat out a lot but I do really enjoy it when I get the chance. When I visit my brother in London we often go and try a new place. On my most recent trip I visited Baozi Inn in Chinatown. I was hoping to break my run of bad luck in the London Chinatown, as I had never actually had anything more than a very average meal there. I visit London a handful of times a year and so because I’m not there regularly if a new place opens I’m not likely to be among the first to visit, and so this post wont cover anything new to anyone who reads London based blogs, but I thought it was still worth a write up Continue reading

From Supermodel to Baker

Lorraine Pascale was one of the biggest supermodels in the 1990’s, she was the face of campaigns for Versace, Donna Karren amongst others and was the first British Black model to grace the cover of American Elle magazine. Taking a great change of direction Lorraine followed her passion and enrolled on Leith’s Diploma of Food and Wine and then followed this with a degree in International Culinary Arts in Pastry (as an aside, this is a dream of mine, the culinary degree not the cover of Elle!). Today she opened her own place in Covent Garden called Ellas Bakehouse (named after her daughter). Continue reading

Worlds Biggest Cupcake and More

I’m down in London visiting my brother and shortly after arriving we met up in Covent Garden for lunch and whilst we were there the Worlds Biggest cupcake was on display and also cut up for people to eat it was designed by Culinary Olympics winner Michelle Wibowo. In typical British fashion an orderly line formed and lasted well over an hour (probably nearer 2) until all the cake was gone. Of course I lined up to get a piece but not until after the rush had died down. You can’t really call it a cupcake, it was actually a sponge cake but it was nice. Im not sure why the cake was there as there didn’t really seem to be a reason for it but hey a giant cake is a giant cake, I’m not complaining. Continue reading

ANZAC Cookies

ANZAC cookie’s are a very simple affair, fast and easy to make but that small effort results in a really tasty cookie. Traditionally linked to the Australia and New Zealand Corps (ANZAC) they are often made as a fundraising item to raise money for armed services organisations. It turns out I am a bit late as ANZAC day was back in april but tasty treats shouldn’t be limited to just one day. You can buy these in the supermarket and they are good but they are a harder cookie compared to the home made version which is chewier. I had been meaning to make these for a long time but other things kept demanding my attention so it took me being at a loose end on recent weekend, realising I had everything in the kitchen to finally make them. Continue reading