NYC Leftovers

You cant go to New York and not get pizza, that would be like going to Scotland and not getting Haggis. Traveling alone I wasnt sure I would be able to manage a full pie so went the slice route. I asked on for suggestions and the one I picked was artichoke and it was awesome definitely gets my recommendation.

Really great coffee from 9th St Espresso, my local coffee spot literally around the corner from my hotel.

Breakfast at the Chelsea Market branch of Amy’s Bread’s where I had a nice raisin cinnamon bread followed by coffee from the 9th St Espresso next door.

Pork Dumplings from Dumpling Man on St Marks Place down the road from the hotel, great late night food and not expensive either, although nowhere near as cheap as places in Chinatown but I never quite got round to that. 

After getting burgers at “Burger Joint” popped into Bouchon Bakery in Columbus Circle but as I wasnt too hungry only got this bouchon, basically a brownie. Unfortunately is was a bit boring and not really a great brownie but I would go back to try others as everything looked good. Its been just over a month since I got home and I have finally finished all my post from what was a really great trip. Im sure I put on a bit of weight, did you see what I ate!! Met some great people and it has also led to a great opportunity which im going to keep secret till it actually goes forward but im excited. Ever since I was a kid I was drawn to New York and it did not disappoint, I cant wait to go back


3 responses to “NYC Leftovers

  1. That pizza looks incredible. And I loved Bouchon Bakery, but we had a full lunch there. I agree that the sweets didn’t look as good.

  2. The Pizza was awesome just finished dinner but craving this now!!

  3. ooh! theres nothing like travelling and enjoying food.
    i hope you had a good time!

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