Worlds Biggest Cupcake and More

I’m down in London visiting my brother and shortly after arriving we met up in Covent Garden for lunch and whilst we were there the Worlds Biggest cupcake was on display and also cut up for people to eat it was designed by Culinary Olympics winner Michelle Wibowo. In typical British fashion an orderly line formed and lasted well over an hour (probably nearer 2) until all the cake was gone. Of course I lined up to get a piece but not until after the rush had died down. You can’t really call it a cupcake, it was actually a sponge cake but it was nice. Im not sure why the cake was there as there didn’t really seem to be a reason for it but hey a giant cake is a giant cake, I’m not complaining.

We never quite got round to eating lunch so after my brother left for his office I got some Frozen Yogurt and ooh boy it was good. I got Chocolate with Banana and Dulce de Leche from the new place in Covent Garden called Yuforia, a really great place with a nice vibe. Its not the cheapest around at £3.00 for a medium but it’s a good size and I thinks its worth it.

On Thursdays through the summer Covent Garden stages the “Real Food Market” and the UK Food Bloggers Association has a stall. Today it was the turn of Rebecca of From a North London Kitchen. She was selling a mixture of Jams, Preserves, Chutneys and baked goods. I bought a jar of Apricot and Vanilla jam and its really good the addition of vanilla gave a really great flavour. Before I met my brother after work I had a wander round but the heat got quite strong so I needed something cool and as I was near “Flat White” I took a teansy diversion and got an iced coffee which had the odd and unexpected addition of ice cream which was actually really nice. More London eats when I get home.  


2 responses to “Worlds Biggest Cupcake and More

  1. Thanks so much for coming down and saying hello! I hope you enjoyed your potter around covent garden.

  2. I so wish I was there to see this. My name is cupcakesfortwo on twitter… *sigh* that would have been fun. : )

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