Baozi Inn

Dan Dan Nodles

I don’t get the opportunity to eat out a lot but I do really enjoy it when I get the chance. When I visit my brother in London we often go and try a new place. On my most recent trip I visited Baozi Inn in Chinatown. I was hoping to break my run of bad luck in the London Chinatown, as I had never actually had anything more than a very average meal there. I visit London a handful of times a year and so because I’m not there regularly if a new place opens I’m not likely to be among the first to visit, and so this post wont cover anything new to anyone who reads London based blogs, but I thought it was still worth a write up



I don’t know much about Chinese food, or culture for that matter, I know I enjoy the food but know now I specifically enjoy szechuan food. Baozi Inn is the first specifically szechuan Chinese restaurant I’ve ever visited and its really very good, and cheap too. I read reviews for Baozi Inn a while ago and added it to my list of places to visit when in London. I wanted cheap tasty Chinese food that was unlike the normal stuff that’s commonly available, you know the stuff – sticky oily food that leaves you feeling you eaten weights.

Fragrant and Hot Noodles

Fragrant and Hot Noodles

I got the Dan Dan Noodles which was a smaller size (but was £2 cheaper). The pork doesn’t come in any sauce but there is a spicy broth in the bottom of the bowl which included sesame paste and chilli oil and it packed a very nice punch. This was more spicy than the other dish but I preferred it, the spice was more lip tingling and in your face.

Dragon Dumplings

Dragon Dumplings

The Baozi was a giant soft doughy dumpling filled with moist pork and onion. Oddly in a Chinese restaurant it reminded me of stew and dumplings from Northern England very doughy and quite heavy. Next time I’d like to try one of the other types as we had a lot of pork in this one meal. The dumplings were fine but nothing special. They were boiled rather than fried so there was no crisp wrapper. The filling was moist and flavourful pork (see I told you there was a lot) and they were served in a spicy chilli oil. If they had been fried they would have been really great but as is the wrappers were overcooked so were way too soft. Unfortunately it will probably be months before I’m back in London but I will be back in Chinatown next time I’m down. Until then im going to try and find a szechuan place nearer home
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