London Eats

Some things may no be worthy of a post of their own but are still good eats so here are a few extras from my recent trip to London. First up is a great bagel place in north London. Oddly when I was in NYC I never got round to having a bagel so have no comparison to make except what i’ve eaten in the UK. Beigel Bake is Brick Lane and definitely beats out everything else i’ve had so far. It was chewy with a hint of sweetness and was cheap too at just 30p. We went in the morning so the place wasn’t busy but it opens 24hrs a day and apparently gets lines out the door in late evening. 

I had fancied making a visit to Paul A Young chocolates whilst I was in the city but never got around to it, as it wasnt exactly near to where we were going to be. We decided to get dinner from Whole Foods one night and whilst we there I of course had a look in the chocolate section. I noticed they sold chocolates from the Notting Hill shop “Melt”, which is where Rachel of Bespoke Chocolates in New York did her training, so I thought it was worth a try. We got 2 salted caramels and a PB+J and champagne and they were all excellent if a little expensive.

I was wondering around Soho a little lost and hot and was in need of something cold when I realised I was near Flat White a good little coffee shop selling top quality stuff so popped in to grab an iced coffee. Unfortunately I didn’t exactly get great service it felt a little cool and standoffish (is that a real word?). The coffee was good though. It was £3 (again not exactly cheap) but it did come with a welcome surprise, a serving of ice cream which cooled and sweetened the drink, and it definitely hit the spot.

Now to get to one of my favourite foodie places in London. Its almost a cliche that I should love it but I dont care. Borough Market may not be a secret, may be very busy, set prices at a premium, but I love it. Its a market that sells everything, well maybe not but it sells a huge variety of produce – cheeses, meats, chocolate, baked goods, coffee, fruit and vegetables and plenty more just like a great market should. Its just off London Bridge and has become a massive hit with tourists. It is apparently one of the worlds largest food markets and it history stretches back to at least 1014 so I suppose you could say its well established. Enough of the history though lets get to the food. This visit was more of a pass through so didnt really explore too much but hit up a couple of regular spots.


Our first purchase was 2 brownies for £3, for both, so not a bad deal especially considering the size which is fairly generous. “Flour Power” has a couple of stalls in the market and is a very popular stop. I know people say its not possible to have a cakey and fudgy brownie but Flour Power’s does seem to manage to tow the middle line between the two and its very good, deep and chocolatey, definitely recommended. 

Like the brownie this isn’t exactly an original choice but when somethings good its good no matter how popular. My favoutie coffee in the city is served at Monmouth Coffee and thankfully they have a shop and stall at the market. Service is fast and friendly and the coffee is excellent. I got a cappuccino and my brother got an espresso. Mine was a great way to start the day off, not too bitter with the creaminess of the full fat milk but my brother found the espresso too strong so you know where to go if you like it strong.

The last thing I have pictures of this time around is the mini Canele I purchased on impulse as we were leaving. Im not sure of the sellers name or where in the market they are but I hadn’t had a Canele since I was about 9 when I had been on holiday in the Bordeaux area of France, so had fond memories and just had to have one. It was pretty good with a nice caramelised crust and a soft custardy centre. I would  have like it more if it had been full size as it would have been softer in the middle but it was still a wonderful reminder of a great holiday. There are plenty of other things to see and eat whilst your there, you could spend a day getting lost and eating your way around. It has a reputation as a foodie destination for a reason and I love visiting.


Beigel Bake, 159 Brick Lane, London – map

Melt Chocolates 59 Ledbury Road, Notting Hill, London – map – also available at Whole Foods in Kensington 

Flat White, 17 Berwick Street, Soho, London – map

Borough Market, off Borough High Street, London – map


6 responses to “London Eats

  1. Next time you’re here you should definitely hit Paul A Young. I treat us at Christmas to their hot chocolate (it’s got a hint of cardamon, you gotta love it!) and their marmite and guinness truffles (my partner’s favourite, you wouldn’t find me going near them!)

    The brownies take me back! I worked on that very stall for two years, and first job in the morning was cutting all the brownie and stacking it. Oddly, I never got sick of eating it!

    • I really wanted to try the marmite one (dont even like the stuff) for the odd factor will have to wait until next time. Dont think I would get sick of them either – chocolate sugar and butter – the holy trinity would have been sacrilege to stop eating them

  2. Loved your London foodie round-up. Some of those are favourites of mine and you’ve introduced me to some new spots too. I must be the only person who won’t go to Monmouth Coffee – I HATE the full fat milk they use! So gross and creamy. 😉

    • I know what you mean im normally a skimmed or semi skimmed guy for drinking (was brought up completely on skimmed so normally have an aversion to full fat) but there is something wonderful about it in the coffee that I really enjoy but I was dubious the first time

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  4. I love borough market… one of the few things I really miss since I left London.

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