Salted Butter Caramel Ice Cream

Okay i’m just gonna say it…David Lebovitz is a genius, some sort of dessert prodigy. Ive been on a bit of an ice cream kick recently but I stupidly held out for a couple of months before making this most amazing flavour. This is actually the whole reason I bought the ice cream maker. I read David’s site regularly and its excellent, funny and full of great recipes. When he posted his recipe for salted butter caramel ice cream I knew I had to make it, the only problem being that I didnt have an ice cream maker. I saved the link in my bookmarks (along with 100+ more) and sadly forgot about it for almost 2 years until I had finally purchased my maker. Why oh why did I wait, this ice cream is amazing I am actually surprised I allowed anyone else near it never mind eat it. This is definitely my favourite flavour I have made so far but that would be no surprise to anyone who knows me, as I love salted caramel anything. Whilst its not in David’s ice cream book I would still suggest buying it, as its full of great advice along with loads and loads of really great flavours and mix-ins. One of the great things about this particular ice cream is that because of the caramel it stays perfectly scoopable even after spending lots of time in the freezer.

                              Caramel Praline Mix-In                                 

100g Sugar (1/2 Cup)

3/4 Tsp Sea Salt (I used Fleur De Sel)

Ice Cream Custard

500ml (2 Cups) Whole Milk, divided 

300g (1 1/2 Cups) Sugar

60g (4 Tblsp) Salted Butter

Scant 1/2 Tsp Sea Salt

250ml (1 Cup) Whipping Cream (heavy cream)

5 Large Egg Yolks

3/4 Tsp Vanilla Extract

1. To make the caramel for the mix-in spread the sugar in an even layer in a medium saucepan and line a baking sheet with a silicon mat. Heat the sugar on medium heat until the edges begin to melt. Using a silicon spatula stir the sugar from the bottom and edges into the middle until all the sugar is dissolved. Continue to cook until the sugar begins to smoke and it smells like its about to burn. (I cooked the first batch a bit too far and couldn’t use the caramel because it was way too bitter)

2. Straight away sprinkle in the salt and immediately, without stirring, pour the caramel onto the silicon mat tilting it so that you get as thin a layer as possible. Set aside to harden

3. For the Ice Cream make an ice bath by filling a large bowl 2/3 full of ice, adding enough water so that they float. Fill a medium bowl with 1 cup of the milk and set this in the ice bath and rest a mesh strainer on this. 

4. Spread the sugar in an even layer in a medium saucepan and cook as in step 1. Once it gets to the smoking stage remove from the heat and stir in the butter and salt until melted, then generally whisk in the cream. My cream was cold so the cream bubbled furiously and then seized an hardened but just return to the heat and it will melt back into a smooth wonderful caramel. Stir in the second cup of milk. 

5. Whisk the yolks and gradually incorporate some of the warm caramel stirring constantly so as to prevent the eggs from cooking. Scrape the egg mixture back into the saucepan and continue to cook, constantly stirring and scrapping the bottom until the custard  thickens and reaches 71-77C (160-170F).

6. Pour the custard through the strainer into the milk, add the vanilla, and stir frequently until the mixture cools. Refrigerate 8 hours (I left it overnight).  Freeze according to the makers instructions. 

7. Whilst the Ice Cream is churning break up the caramel praline into small pieces about 1cm in size. I used the handle of a metal knife which worked really well. Once the Ice Cream is churned quickly stir in the caramel then freeze until firm.



11 responses to “Salted Butter Caramel Ice Cream

  1. I have the same problem, no ice cream maker, lots of good recipes saved in my Evernote. You may have just helped push me over the edge… I think it’s time for an ice cream maker.

    This flavor sounds amazing. I had never been a huge ice cream person until the last year or so, and for some reason it’s been nothing but ice cream since. I think its time I started making my own.

    Thanks for the push!

    • Well you wont be disappointed I love mine and am so glad I got it. Your right this flavour is seriously good definitely my favourite so far with ginger and caramelised white chocolate a close second

  2. That sounds great too. White Chocolate is probably my favorite thing in the world. Well… next to coffee probably.

  3. I have had this recipe in my ‘saved’ mental folder for a while now and have got to make it soon! It looks insanely delicious. I’m a big fan of David and the Perfect Scoop. He is an ice cream genius. You have a beautiful blog.

  4. I have been agonising over whether i need to buy an ice-cream maker… now i know i need one: but which make / model?

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  6. Hi Ed,
    So, this KitchenAid ice-cream maker, is it any good? We have the KA appliance and was toying with the idea of purchasing said attachment..

    Loving the site and your Flickr! stuff – have added you as a contact. You have inspired me to take my camera out more!

    • Thanks Mark, I really like the ice cream attachment but you need to make sure it fits in your freezer first as its relatively big but apart from that im very happy with it. I would say there are others out there a lot cheaper but I have no experience with them but I would recommend this one

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