Hand Pulled Noodles – Failure

I have been a bit obsessed recently with the idea of making my own hand pulled noodles. I did a lot of reading online, watching whatever videos I could find and finally tonight I had a go and well, as the title of the post suggests is was a failure. I spent an hour and a half kneading the dough and it never got to the stage it needed to so this batch ended up in the bin. It was too tight and if I ever even attempted to pull the dough it just ripped. I have no real idea why it didn’t work out but my suspicions are that I could have added more water but after all that kneading I just gave up but as the ingredients are just flour, water, oil, baking soda and salt I will definitely be trying again soon. If you want a try my recipe came from http://www.lukerymarz.com/noodles/ Ive listed the ingredients below but go to the website for lots of information of how to make the dough

156g cake flour
25g Plain Flour

110g Warm Water

2g Salt

1g Baking Soda

6g Vegetable Oil


One response to “Hand Pulled Noodles – Failure

  1. Hi!
    I often read your blog, but I never left a comment.
    But after reading about you failure with home-made pasta, I got around to comment.
    Don’t give up! Why don’t you try the traditional Italian recipe for “pasta all’uovo”? It’s so much easier than that!
    It’s basically one egg per 100 grams of flour (about 1 cup). Just figure one egg per person.
    You make a well in the flour, crack in the eggs, and slowly mix with your hand. Knead by hand until the dough becomes smooth and pliable, adding flour to the board as necessary. You let it rest for a little while and voilà! You’re ready to roll it, as thin as you can go. (either by hand or with a machine)
    You cook the noodles in boiling water (salted) for a few minutes, not too long because they cook super fast.
    They are really amazing!
    I hope you try if you can.

    (Naples, Italy)

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