Caramelized Peanuts

Im just gonna come straight out and say these are good, no amazing, additive even. I tried to make these a while back but failed terribly, so with some time on my hands as well as all the ingredients I decided to try again. I didnt really know what I was going to use them for but they are great for snacking on or as a topping for ice cream (which was what I used some for). Looking back at my previous failure im not sure what went wrong because this time everything seemed simple and easy and they came out just fine. I should forewarn you that this recipe makes a lot, I halved the recipe and still had plenty but the combination of salty peanuts and caramel is seriously tasty so I had no problems getting rid of them. The original recipe (more technique than recipe) come from the Pierre Herme “Chocolate Desserts” book and so unsurprisingly they are originally coated in tempered chocolate but I wasnt in the mood to attempt tempering, but next time definately because that would simply be amazing.


1/3 Cup (70g) Sugar

3 Tblsp Water

7 Ounces (200g) Salted + Roasted Peanuts (or blanched toasted almonds as Herme originally suggests)


1. Line a baking sheet with a silpat or parchement and keep near the stovetop.

2. Bring the sugar and the water to the boil in a heavy bottomed medium saucepan set over medium heat. Swirl the ingredients around to dissolve the sugar then allow to to boil, without stirring, until it reaches 248F / 119C on a candy themometer. If you see sugar crystals forming on the side of the pan brush down with a wet pastry brush.

3. Add all the nuts at once and stir, with a wooden spoon or spaula, to coat thouroughly. Continue to cook and stir, as you do so the nuts will clump together, but they will seperate and then the sugar will start to get white and sandy. Continue to cook and stir and the coating will start to caramelise. Once they reach a pale caramel colour turn the nuts out onto the prepared sheet, leaving for a minute before breaking up any clumps as best you can with the wooden spoon. Allow to cool fully before storing in an airtight container where they last fine for 4 days.


3 responses to “Caramelized Peanuts

  1. These look sooo delicious! Me and caramel don’t usually get on but looks like I’ll have to get the sugar thermometer out soon!

  2. These look delicious. I imagine they’d be really nice chopped roughly and sprinkled over the ice cream too 🙂

  3. I think adding some popcorn would make it totally irresistible to me! They look delicious.

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