Chocolate Week 2009

So another week another PR push. Yes, I know I know, I did say that I wasn’t exactly a fan of National This or National That weeks. But this is chocolate and well…isn’t every week chocolate week, or is that just me? The event has been around for six years now and it aims to promote and support British Chocolatiers and producers. There are events and promotions across the country but the main reason I’m posting about it is that I attended the big launch event – Chocolate Unwrapped.

The event was held at the May Fair hotel and featured the top Chocolatiers from across the country as well as talks from a mix of different people. During the session we attended, the talks were from Sara Jayne Stanes, Director of the Academy of Culinary Arts and Chairman of the Academy of Chocolate, who gave a great talk about the history and cultivation of chocolate specifically around Mexico. The second talk was from Chantal Coady the founder of Rococo Chocolates who covered some of the same material but also talked about the plantation and chocolate company they support in Grenada, she also demonstrated a recipe for an emergency chocolate dessert. Of course the main draw was to see all those different chocolatier’s in one place. We tried chocolate from Rococo, Melt, Paul A Young and Gorvett and Stone  amongst others. We bought a little, okay maybe a lot of chocolate but it was all in the name of research of course.

First up was Paul A Young, a shop I have been meaning to try since they opened in 2006. They are well known for a number of things but are famous for they’re Salted Caramels and the Marmite Truffle. We decided to film our responses to the marmite because it could well be a bit of a car crash because we don’t like marmite. I was just so intrigued with the flavour that we had to try it, knowing we probably not like it. (I know I come across a bit odd in the video but I promise in real life im perfectly normal)

I think I may have found my new favourite thing with Paul’s caramel, it was heavenly, and ill definately be back for more next time I’m back in London. We also bought a few bits from Melt and Rococo Chocolates, which we haven’t eaten yet but there are plenty of pics to get those taste buds going.

Whilst we were at the show we tried some of the wafers from Rococo along with their new Raspberry and Violet, which was a real success. The chocolate was balanced really well against the bright blackcurrant and  violet which wasn’t so strong that it reminded you of an old fashioned violet cream.

Whilst we were at the show we also tried Melt’s caramels, which I have to say were simply the best I have ever had. The plain were soft and melted on the tongue, full of cream and flecked with vanilla, simple yet perfect. The chocolate were even softer and had the same melty texture but with a serious cocoa hit but with not even a hint of bitterness.


5 responses to “Chocolate Week 2009

  1. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I can’t see the video at all. I really wanted to see what you thought of the marmite truffle, too!

    This sounds like a great way to spend a week.

  2. Hi Ed,

    It was lovely to meet you and Simon at the show over the weekend. Really interesting blog and great photography (I studied photography in Wales). Next time you’re in London drop me an email and I’ll show round the chocolate shops! (Don’t forget to check out The Chocolate Consultant site which launches this week!)


  3. I wish I’d been invited to this, sounds like my idea of heaven! I’m quite addicted to salted caramels, although I’ve never tried Paul’s. Been happily independently tasting and blogging most of the week. This is one of those “weeks” that I really like!

    Great post.


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