Im Back…

Im back from Paris and am absolutely exhausted. I managed to pack an awful lot into a comparatively small amount of time so it will probably take me a week to fully recover but I have lots to share so this week ill post about my trip and all the patisseries I visited so if you will bear with me one more day ill get started but until then here are some pictures from the trip and a couple of tips I learnt whilst there.

In Paris if you are under 26 (like me) there are many discounts available including some cheaper metro tickets and reduced and free museum entry.

If your in Paris just for the weekend and are 26 and under from the EU then you can get a metro ticket for the day for only €3.30 for the metro, the buses and the RER (only available weekends). You can also benefit from free entry into a huge amount of museums, I took advantage and visited Sainte-Chapelle and the Pompidou Centre.

I forgot to book any restaurants because ive been very busy and it completely slipped my mind. As I decided to dine at lunch a fair bit of the time I thought it would be best to get there soon after opening. I was expecting busy restaurants but I needn’t have worried, every restaurant I visited was empty when I got there. Because of this I was always seated at the window table to make the restaurant seem busier, but I liked it for the natural light, but being in a restaurant alone is weird. At one I caught the chef starring at me from the door to the kitchen but thats what you get dinning alone I guess.

France is known as a country with its quirks and and I came across a few but the one thats relevant here is an employment law. When I visited the kitchens of Gerard Mulot the pastry chef was telling us why it was so quiet (and I may have misunderstood this a bit) but basically if the staff are not given holiday over Easter they have the week after off. At Gerard Mulot this meant there were very few staff around. It did explain why other places were closed. Berthillion was closed for the week as was Des Gateaux et du Pain and the Saint-Germain branch of Gerard Mulot. So if you think your being savvy by avoiding the school holidays bear in mind some patisseries etc might not be open.

coming up – a behind the tour visit to the kitchens of Gerard Mulot, the results of my macaron taste tests, the most adorable chocolate shop and lots more


4 responses to “Im Back…

  1. Awesome photography and I can’t wait to hear more! Great stuff!!!

  2. Wow, I am so jealous! I would love to go to Paris someday. These pictures are making me want to go right now! 🙂 Glad you’re back!

  3. I can’t wait to see your pictures of the patisseries of Paris, I would love to go. Having said that, I’m more envious of you being under 26 than the fact you’ve just been to Paris!!!

  4. Great pics – can’t wait to read more! And yeah, I am with Sarah – you’re so YOUNG!!

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