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Meet the French

Aside from eating the stuff where does a guy obsessed with baking, with a special place in his stomach for macarons and chocolate, go to feed his habit in Paris. If that describes you in any small way then I know the perfect place to visit, the kitchens of Gerard Mulot. “Meet the French” is a pretty standard tour group although their specialty appears to be food, but it isn’t their standard tours that interested me it was their unique behind the scenes visits to some pretty interesting places. From the boulangerie Au Grand Richelieu to Fabien Nobile a mens fashion designer. Amongst the varied choices one stood out and that was obviously the pastry and chocolate kitchens at Gerard Mulot. Continue reading


Paris Pastries

I meant to post this last week but things have been a bit hectic around here so hopefully ill post numerous times this week. You already know I ate a lot of macarons in Paris but they were far from the only sweet thing I ate, there was much more, which may explain why I spent last week still not hungry and with little desire to eat anything. The thing that sets Paris apart from other cities, for me at least, is the creativity used with their pastries. Paris patiserries are stunning, from the simple elegance of a lemon tart to the nearly ridiculous and over the top entremets, I find it so inspiring walking into the boutique-like patisseries and am constantly being blown away by the creative aspect of it all. Over the week I visited many (12?) patisseries and got something more substantial from 7 becuase if I had eaten much more I seriously think I may have been ill. Continue reading