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Matcha Chocolates – Jade Selection

I don’t normally do reviews on the blog, it’s not really what I’m about, but there was something really interesting about Katie of Matcha Chocolate’s story. Having moved from the USA to England she worked for six years in neuroscience and biochemistry and now works with chocolate and tea, quite the change. I felt a connection to katie’s story because it’s the sort of change im trying to make. As a side note I should say that I have been so busy recently with a really cool project I haven’t been able to blog. I have been baking more now than I ever have before but haven’t had a minutes time to blog about it. I can’t wait to share it all with you but until then I gonna try and be a better blogger. Anyway a back to chocolate. Katie sent me the new jade selection, a box of 16 tea infused chocolates and I have to say I was very impressed.

Masala Chai – Milk chocolate ganache infused with Masala Chai enrobed in a dark chocolate dome and topped with crystallised ginger. Inside is a smooth ganache with the the warm spiciness of the black indian chai tea the chocolate is infused with. Thankfully the flavour of the chai isn’t too delicate, like I have had in the past, its clear and present so that you don’t have to wonder what the chocolate is infused with. definitely my favourite of the box.

China Rose – Milk chocolate ganache infused with Rosebud Gong Fu tea. The ganache is light and the rose is delicate enough that it isn’t soapy but the flavours are clear. I love rose and chocolate, actually rose in general is a current favourite and this felt like one of the more successful combinations I have had in a while.

Sencha – one of the two white chocolate choices and one of my other favourites in the selection. I know many people dont like white chocolate, believing it to be too sweet but im a fan. The green tea works really well with the white chocolate. The flavour of the tea is strong and the white chocolate adds a really nice creaminess and I think even white chocolate haters might like this, it really works well.

The only chocolate with a liqueur ganache was unsurprisingly my least favourites. I am not a fan of alcohol in chocolates, normally it is the strongest flavour and it overpowers everything else. Whilst the flavour is more subtle here, the alcohol here is noticeable. Another green tea flavoured chocolate the sencha was more to my tastes. Whilst not my favourite it was still flavourful and I think if you like alcohol in ganaches then I think you would like this one.

Strawberry Summer – At first I thought the strawberry flavour was too delicate but after working my way through the selection I actually think the beauty of this is in it’s delicate taste. The milk chocolate is the star here and the strawberry tea is a nice counter point, it’s a light and refreshing ganache and was very enjoyable.

Overall I was very impressed by the quality of these chocolates. I’m a big fan of tea in chocolate but sometimes the flavours can straddle the wrong sides of strong and weak. I found that the flavours seemed pretty much dead on, all very interesting combinations and different from the usual box of chocolates. These would make a great gift for anyone with a love of tea or a love of chocolate. I can’t wait for the next selection to come out so I can try some more.