Underground Afternoon Tearoom

This past saturday I spent a wonderful afternoon with 11 strangers at the Underground Afternoon Tearoom in Leeds. I was joined by my friend Ruth, of www.thepinkwhisk.co.uk and we had an absolutely great, and filling, afternoon. Once we finally managed to arrive, having accidentally  getting the wrong train, we were very warmly welcomed by our host and the other guests. I had never been to an underground restaurant or supperclub before but the idea has always appealed so I jumped at the chance of attending this one when the host contacted me. Im not really one for a stuffy afternoon tea but I realised that the success of failure of an event like this (underground or not) is the people and the atmosphere, aswell as the food obviously. Thankfully everyone around the table was friendly and talkative and it really was a great way to spend an afternoon. If your in the area and can get into one of the upcoming events I strongly recommend it. As for the food it was delicious, and so very plentiful, skipping breakfast is strongly advised!

For me the standouts were the homemade humous, the yorkshire chorizo tartlets and the tea loaf. There was nothing that wasn’t good, it really was all delicious. When it came time to leave everyone left absolutely stuffed and very satisfied.

One of the impressive things about the tea was the amount of Yorkshire produce and producers on show. There was tea from the York Coffee Emporium, excellent coffee from La Bottega Milanese in Leeds, as well as ham and even chorizo all made within the region

The Afternoon Tea lasted about 2 hours and was just £12 (suggested donation) and that really was a bargain .

Underground Afternoon Tea by http://bakelady.wordpress.com/

Also on Twitter – @MySecretTeaRoom


2 responses to “Underground Afternoon Tearoom

  1. I’ve checked out the website for the Underground Afternoon Tearoom several times- always thought it looked quite intriguing. Very impressed with the look of that spread-wow, it’s gorgeous…And what are those pink cookies filled with cream (top photo)?? They look particularly heavenly. Glad you had a nice time!

  2. Wow and doesn’t that look so good? If I was anywhere near Leeds I would be there like a shot.

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