Big News

If you follow me on twitter (@TheBoyWhoBakes) then you have already heard the big news but if not then here goes, I am one of the ten contestants on a new BBC2 baking show (like masterchef meets hairy bikers) called The Great British Bake Off!! The show is presented by the wonderful Sue and Mel and jusdged by Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry. It starts next tuesday, the 17th and I am so excited to see it, I really hope you enjoy it. Obviously I cant talk about it anymore than this so you will just have to watch it to see how I did.

If you havent been glued to BBC2 waiting to catch a glimpse of the advert (just me?) then you can catch it here until it airs next week, you can see me at the end.

The Great British Bake Off BBC2 8pm starting 17th August


11 responses to “Big News

  1. I hope I’m able to d/l it from somewhere so I can watch you in action. 😉

  2. Whoop whoop – can’t wait to see it! x

  3. This is absolutely fantastic! Congratulations! Is there anywhere we can watch episodes on internet? I’d love to see you bake!

  4. I caught a glimpse of you in that clip the other day! Can’t wait to watch the episodes and see how you do.

  5. It is not fair that the BEEB does not see fit to let us poor idiots watch what you watch. We can listen but not watch. I would pay for a licence in a heartbeat. US TV stinks except for Mad Men etc…

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  7. So exciting! Like others, wish I could watch too 😦 Hoping that maybe will air the episodes??? You will need to keep us updated here though!

  8. Yay! Just watched it not knowing you were on it, and double-taked and thought… isn’t that the macaron man? You must have done amazing (says she who follows your flickr page)… will just have to see!

  9. Just watched it – I think I might have given the boyf bruises by elbowing him and going “Look! It’s Edd!” every time you came on screen… Are you allowed to post about what your chocolate cake was?

    • Yeah not sure why the chocolate cake wasnt shown it was a triple layer chocolate sponge with mint filling and covered in ganache, didnt look spectacular but was okay I thought

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