Speculoos and Milk Chocolate Macarons

I joined the Mactweets group back in February and have unfortunately not been very good at posting each month (ive been a bit busy) in fact I posted hardly at all. I just managed to make this batch in time for this month deadline but as per normal I dont really have a link to the theme, which this month was favourite films. Im not sure why but I dont actually have just one favourite film. I love movies I just cant think of one when asked? For my macarons I have been trying to come up with my own recipe for the shells so I had another play around and whilst the results looks pretty good they need a little work texture wise, so I wont publish the recipe just yet. For the filling I decided I wanted to use some of the speculoos spread I brought back from Paris. For those of you who dont know what speculoos is it is a belgian spiced cookie. Most people know them as the biscuits in little plastic packets served with coffee. In the UK you can buy them called Lotus biscuits. The spread tastes just as if the biscuits have been blended to a paste. Imagine the texture of peanut butter except it tastes like cookies, yes its addictive stuff.

Speculoos and Milk Chocolate Ganache

150g Milk Chocolate

100g Double Cream

100g Speculoos Spread

1. Chop the chocolate finely and place in a bowl with the speculoos spread.

2. Bring the cream just to the boil then pour over the chocolate, leave for a couple of minutes then mix slowly together to form a smooth ganache.

The speculoos changes the texture of the ganache so it is a little different from what I was hoping for but the flavour is great.

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18 responses to “Speculoos and Milk Chocolate Macarons

  1. These are just fabulous and I will be making this ganache one day – I have jars of speculoos spread and don’t know what to do with it. The flavor combo sounds so delicious! Glad you decided to bake these macs with us this month!

  2. My favourite film is Pretty Woman. That may make you laugh, but I have serious reasons as to why it is the best film ever, and have converted sceptics to my way of thinking.

    Where did you get this spread? I LOVE Lotus biscuits.

    • Ive actually never seen pretty woman! I bought the spread in Paris, seemed to be in pretty much every supermarket i went it, you will have to pick some up next time you are there

  3. Your Macs are beautiful. I’m anxiously awaiting the recipe. I’m intrigued by the filling; it sounds wonderful. We don’t have anything like the spread you are describing. You got great feet.

  4. these are just stunning..oh, and mouth watering too..

  5. Absolutely gorgeous! I love speculoos – having grown up with a Dutch father and grandfather and endured countless trips to Holland when I was little where I never understood what anyone was saying but loved all the biscuits, then having lived in Belgium, I have eaten a lot of them in my time! I still have a soft spot for them. Your filling is wonderful and inspired!!!

  6. I love that you are experimenting to make your own recipe, and what you’ve posted looks FAB to me! Cannot wait to see what you eventually come up with. Speculoos? How inspired that sounds! Love the filling… mmmm
    Thanks for joining us this month!!

  7. They are stunning. Perfect Macs. I love the sound of that spread too – must see if I can find some.

  8. another perfect specimen ! fabulous. don’t forget to check out that ovomaltine spread too, talk about addictive…. ! 😉

    oh, and pretty woman – YES, best movie ever. i’m with mr. p !

  9. Damn, these look so perfect it hurts!

  10. Those look divine! These will definitely be my next mac! So delicious!

  11. Can’t believe you’ve never seen Pretty Woman. It’s one of those films that even if you’ve seen it twelve times, you still get sucked into watching it on telly when it pops up halfway through on ITV3 late at night when you really ought to go to bed. Sleeping with the Enemy has same effect on me.

    Thanks very much for the heads up on Lotus biscuits, I didn’t realise they were called that here so I can stop stock piling them every time I go to France and Belgium. If only I knew where to get the Speculoos spread though?

  12. Oh yum I so want some of that speculoos spread.

    Also, lets just call your theme Chocolat – like the Johnny Depp movie, think these would be perfect.

  13. Your macs look so delicious and moist in the middle. Just wonderful. Looking forward to the magical ingredients in the recipe, hoping we can make it in the US. Really, the picture of the mac with the bite taken out looks so wonderful!

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  15. hmmm… rather jealous of your macaroons! I love the tartelette recipe if you haven’t tried it yet…

  16. These look so perfect and the photos are really tempting me right now! I love the Speculoos biscuits and when I heard about the spread (on David Lebovitz’s blog) I just had to get my hands on some. My parents go to France now and again as they own a property there so I asked them to buy me some from the supermarket. I havn’t actually opened it yet but I fear it will be more lethal than opening a jar of Nutella and I will start eating it with a spoon until its gone! I’d quite like to have a go at making speculoos ice cream but these macaroons are a great idea!

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