The Great British Bake Off – Series 2

Sorry for not posting much recently but I’ve been very busy, actually I’ll hopefully have some big news to share soon.  The Great British Bake Off was the best thing I have ever done, it lead to some amazing experiences and I had a wonderful time filming the show, which brings me to the point of this post.  The show is getting a second series and the BBC is looking for 10 more amateur bakers who love home baking and want to put there skills to the test, and steal my title! If you are interested and want to find out more email or call 020 7067 4876

If you fancy it but are not sure, I’m happy to answer any questions about the process you might have. Just leave a comment and I’ll answer.

To apply you must be over 16 on 1 April 2011. As an ‘amateur baker’ your main source of income cannot come from commercial baking in a professional environment and you cannot have ever worked full-time as a baker or chef. You cannot have acquired any catering NVQ or other professional catering qualifications in the past 10 years.

Further Info

– There have been a couple of requests for more info about the application and audition process so here is how it worked for me. This does not mean it will be the same this year but it might help.

The first stage was a paper application, which is quite long but nothing scary or out of the ordinary. This was followed by a phone call to get a feel for you and to flesh out what I wrote in the application. The first major part was the first audition, where you took some baked goods to a kind of mock judging with the judges, this was immediately followed by a screen test. After all this there was a bit of a gap but once everyone else had been seen you then heard if you got through to the final audition, a mini bakeoff to see how you coped with cameras and time limits. This was when you wait to find out the verdict. I cant remember the exact time line but I do know I applied in February and found out I was on the show in May. Filming took place over 7-8 weeks mainly on the weekends. Whilst that may seem not too intense, bear in mind you have normal life, recipe writing, and practice in between filming too. Yes it is intense but it is also a lot of fun and obviously, it can lead to exciting things so its well worth a go.


25 responses to “The Great British Bake Off – Series 2

  1. Excited to hear of your impending news! I noticed you were on Market Kitchen Big Adventure recently but was surprised you were introduced as a ‘food blogger’. Not that you aren’t, but I thought you know, they might mention you were winner of Great British Bake Off?

  2. How wonderful… reckon they should have YOU on series 2 as one of the experts or an extra presenter!

  3. I was wondering if you are going to be judging next time round!

  4. I loved this program. I would like to take part this time but don’t know the procedure really. Can you please tell me more about the selection process?


  5. I am to make my son’s wedding cake, one layer of which is to be chocolate. I had been trying various recipes and not been satisfied with the results until I came across your easy chocolate cake recipe. I tried it out and took it to work for my colleagues’ opinion. There opinion is that I need to make another one soon so that they can be sure it is right. In otherwords they loved it and so do I. Just the best !

  6. Just a question about your entry for the first series; what happened after you’d sent off your application form? 🙂

  7. Hi Edd,
    I was completely hooked on the first series of ‘Great British Bake Off’ and while watching the series I vowed to my family and my boyfriend that I would enter if they ever did another series, and now it looks like the stars are on my side but, my biggest apprehension is…
    I’m in my final year studying Fashion Design at Uni, so it’s pretty much consuming my life at the moment. When did you start filming the show? I noticed a lot of it was during the summer, right?
    And also, do you make up alot of your own recipes or just do variations on recipes you’ve used loads of times before? Did you practice a lot during the auditioning period, making sure you got your signature recipes spot on?
    I’m sooo excited to apply. I hope it doesn’t overlap with Uni though. :/

    • Hi Ive updated the post with more info hope ive covered your question

    • oh and we started filming at the end of may and finished the very start of july, but I dont know when they plan on filming this year. I practiced a lot during the filming and yeah the recipes have to be your own, family recipes, or adaptions of existing recipes

  8. Hello Edd, would love to hear more about the format of the show and how much time it takes up. It is always so difficult to tell over how many weeks the series is filmed over. Also, what is the application process? Again, how time consuming was it.
    Look forward to hearing from you,

  9. Hello Edd, just wondering — when would this start? I’m studying abroad this year until June or so.

  10. Hello Edd
    First congratulations !
    I was ‘bullied’ into completing an application form for the second series by my Daughter! I love baking and bake all sorts of things – what was the process after applying?
    Good luck in whatever you do look forward to your reply

  11. Hey Edd, Brill post…thanks for the tip off and the handy tips.
    I always said I would be too shy and nervous to do this…LOVED the series when we followed it in the summer, and vowed I could never do it…However….I feel I may give it a go!….Got nothing to lose, and really fancy a new experience like this…so thank you : ) MSF x

  12. Great fun and great info.
    2 further questions:
    Did you need to know your recipes off by heart?
    Did you travel much full time in those 7 -8 weeks or could you stay at home?

    • No you didnt need to know your recipes by heart you have them with you, apart from the technical challenge where you dont really have a recipe just some ingredients and some basic steps but not a full recipe. Filming was mainly done on the weekends and there was normally travel the day before and after filming (although sometimes travel home was the same day as the second day of filming) there was one period of filming midweek. Obviously this year that may be different so probably not a bad idea to get an application it may have some details about travel and filming dates on the application

  13. Hello Ed, congratulations. I just filled in the application. I am quite nervous though. What did you bake for the audition process, and what sort of thing were others baking(if you noticed). I wish you luck for the future, and I will be reading your blog to see what you are getting up to. Also – where you very nervous, sometimes I can be quite shy so I am slightly worried about it, hopeful but worried! Helen

  14. Hello Ed, I’ve applied for the second series and just last week ha my phone interview. I’m quite excited by it all and am baking like a mad man at home to practice things I haven’t baked for years. Need to work on a scones next and try out some macaroons. I’m really excited by the whole process though, it’s potentially a big deal but at the same time it’s made me pull my finger out an be more adventurous with my recipes too ( work colleagues are loving all The treats). I’m hoping to hear from them soon about the next stage. Fingers crossed.

  15. Hi Edd,

    Well done for winning the show thought you were great! I have had my screen test all seemed to go really well, I think. If I make the bake off audition what things do you think I should prepare apprently they give yiou three hours to prepare 2 dishes but no idea what yet. Thanks

  16. hi edd thought you were great on the show i have sent in an application but i think i will panic if it gets any further, really hoping i will as i really love baking and the show was great,where actually do the auditions take place .
    many thanks jeanxxx

    • hi edd, i sent in my application and as i see some of the applicants have had phone calls , so i guess that because i havent yet it means that i have not been sucssesful. still good luck with everything , i will still be watching xxx jean

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