PB&J Bars

I know I know I have been terrible with the blog recently, embarrassingly I haven’t given you a new recipe since back in November, ill go and hang my head in shame shall I? As im sure you can guess ive been pretty busy the last few months. In the last week I moved house and now live in London. Im staying with a friend for a few weeks while I look for my first apartment and my first ever kitchen of my own, I cant wait to get it all set up and ready to go. Anyway now im getting back into the swing of things I thought I would share a new recipe of mine. It was inspired by watching some American comedy and they were making peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches and whilst im a big fan of both jam and peanut butter I had never had together in a sandwhich. And no dont worry the recipe isnt for a sandwhich but and PB&J shortbread bar. Its so easy but also delicious.

PB+J Shortbread Bars

450g Plain Flour

300g Unsalted Butter

150g Caster Sugar

1/4 tsp salt

150g smooth peanut butter

250g jam (choice up to you)

1. Press a piece of foil into the base and up the sides of a 9×13 baking pan. Preheat the oven to 350F/175C.

2. Place the flour, butter, sugar and salt into the bowl of a food processor fitted with the metal blade and pulse until the ingredients form a dough.

3. Tip the dough out onto the worksurface and lightly knead until it becomes uniform. Remove a third of the dough and wrap it in clingfilm and refrigerate until needed. Press the remaining dough evenly into the prepared pan. Bake for 25-30 mins or until lightly golden around the edges. leave to cool for 20 mins.

4. Spread the peanut butter evenly on the cooled base then repeat with the jam. Remove the third of dough from the fridge and crumble into pieces and scatter evenly over the jam. Bake for a further 25-30 mins or until the crumbled dough starts to colour a little bit. Cool completely before cutting into 12 large squares.


24 responses to “PB&J Bars

  1. Edd, you are BAD for my health lol!….They Look delicious!
    I Hope that you are sharing these bars! – And if not, bring them to Cambridge ; p

  2. with this recipe all is forgiven x

  3. Love the look of these. May have to indulge in a rare bout of baking.

  4. Hi, I am ashamed to admit I don’t own a food processor (yet)…. πŸ™‚ …
    Is there a way of making them without using one?….
    Thank you x

    • definitely can be made easily by hand. make sure the butter is room temperature and rub it into the sugar, flour and salt forming the dough this way. It will take a few minutes more than with the machine but works just as well

  5. Many a friend of mine is sceptical about my fanaticism over the peanut butter and jam combination. I suspect may yet win them over with this…

  6. They just look so good, and yet so bad in a calorific way….. but they are definately on my list of bakes to try!!

  7. yum! I don’t think real American jelly sees much fruit! It’s oddly smooth. We call real jam “preserves”. As an American my favorite sandwich is peanut butter, fluff and sprinkles on fluffy white bread. I’d love to see that in bar form!

  8. Hey Ed totally love this recipe. It’s an Ina Garten original and I’ve been doing it too for ages. They look lush πŸ™‚

  9. You’ve never had a peanut butter and jam sandwich? Oh my goodness – you’ve not lived!
    These look lovely though. And an ideal use for my litres of leftover jam πŸ™‚
    You are very clever.

  10. Ooooh, these look fantastic. I’m wondering how well they would work with crunchy peanut butter or some chopped peanuts in the base? I do like my peanuts crunchy!

  11. wow these look divine…my mouth is watering! It’s pure torture…I’m stuck at home with the lurgy and my cupboards are bare πŸ™‚

  12. Corinna Mazzotta

    These look so lush! I love peanut butter & proper grape jelly sandwiches but you can’t get it here in the UK & jam is just not the same. However my hubby is off to the USA on business in a weeks time so guess what I’m going to be asking him to bring me home, just so that I can try these! LOL

  13. Yum, love this combo and always like a recipe with not too many ingredients! Will definitely give it a go. Good luck with the flat hunting. X

  14. Ed, You are a star.
    Just made a batch of these,and they taste amazing!!!!
    Looks like we have a new favourite family treat!!! xx

  15. For a Peanut butter and Jelly sandwich, there are really two jam/jelly flavors, and one is jelly because it’s concord grape jelly. The other one would be strawberry, but for a taste that’s as close as the original, i recommend these two.

  16. Going to make these for Portobello Hornets Rugby Club Burns Supper (22 Jan) in Edinburgh – a new twist on the traditional scottish shortbread. I will report back if small boys and big strapping big boys like them – i think they will.

  17. worth the wait for sure!

  18. Blogging breaks happen. Glad to see you back! These sound great, and I’d eat a few over a sandwich any day.

  19. Love PB&J and these look gorgeous – going to have to give them a try! πŸ™‚

  20. They look great and sound yummy!

  21. Hiya!

    I’ve just discovered your blog- and as an avid fan of ‘The Great British Bake Off’ last year (you were favourite in our house!) really pleased to read how things have been going over the last six months. Will you be doing anything in the new series? Like an executive judge perhaps?!

    Just tried making the recipe- it went down a treat in work! And definitely have to agree with Running Foodie- way better for lunch than a few sandwiches!

    Thanks again,

    Kate (http://katescakesandbakes.blogspot.com/. This is new, but very inspiring reading others!)

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