Re-inventing the Lamington

2010 Winner

Sorry for the lack of posts again (sorry for sounding like a broken record) but I have been very busy again. I am writing this from my new London apartment which I finished moving into this afternoon. I have been living here for a month or so but in the spare room at a friends place but this week I moved into what is actually my first real flat of my own, fingers crossed the oven works.

My friend Mr P over at has asked me to help judge his annual Lamington reinvention competition and it was a bit of a tough choice. The entries were so inventive and creative, I mean there was even a volcano lamington!!

After a little deliberation I settled on my favourite three, all of which have retained the traditional shape which I thought was important. so for the three I chose

Apple Streusel Lamingtons

Katherine came up with something that sounds just up my alley. I adore cream cheese frosting and apple streusel is one of the best desserts around so combining them into a bitesize chunk is bound to get my attention.

Alfajore Lamingtons

I adore caramel, its possibly my favourite thing. Ever. And dulce de leche, the latin american milk caramel is a wonderful version. Alfajores are traditionally a sandwich cookie and I love the twist of using cake instead of cookie, and I can imagine the flavour is great.

Pumpkin Lamingtons

I was only recently converted to using pumpkin in baking and I love seeing it used in other ways besides pie. The addition of the cranberry sauce makes me think of autumn and thanksgiving and again I really want to taste these.



7 responses to “Re-inventing the Lamington

  1. My vote goes to Alfajore Lamingtons. I’m very much in agreement about anything that includes caramel. Especially as a sandwiching ingredient. Life rarely gets better…

  2. mmmm those look so good. Living where I do (Texas) lamingtons are unfamiliar so I had to look them up to learn a little. They seem very amenable to re-invention. Congratulations on your new place in London. That’s quite a milestone, so stretch out your enjoyment of the event as long as you are able to!

  3. Oh my goodness Edd – thank you so much for choosing mine as one of your favourite three! I was blown away by the creativeness this year so it’s an honour! You should definitely try these – you would love them!

  4. I am so glad this has been taken out of my hands. Because I’d have all of them as winners. Cheers Edd! x

  5. Thanks for the vote. I’m glad the competition introduced me to your great blog.

  6. All three looks so yummy! I can imagine how they all smell.. Hmmm Makes me hungry! 😉

  7. How divine…an old classic 🙂

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