Baking The Great British Wedding Cake

I never thought I would make wedding cakes, the one time I had in the past was fine but I wasn’t very inspired and I didn’t enjoy the process all that much, to be honest I found it boring. But when I was asked to take part in The Great British Wedding Cake I thought, why not, lets see what challenges they throw us? And it turns out I thoroughly enjoyed it, it was creative, challenging and I ended up making two cakes I absolutely loved, both of which I would be happy to have at my own wedding one day. I enjoyed making the wedding cakes so much that I have since even taken a couple of orders to make cakes for real couples and their real weddings not just for TV.

Traditional Cake

My traditional cake was based around my Nanna’s christmas cake recipe, which if you watched carefully was a bit more like a dundee cake. Many people dont like traditional dark wedding cake because it’s heavy and very very rich. The cake I made is the opposite of that stereotype, it’s lighter and moist and not heavy at all, it has converted quite a few haters of wedding cake in its time. I kept the decoration simple and what I thought was rather classy and spring-like, perfect for this time of year.

Modern Cake

Of course my modern wedding cake was made of macarons, what else could it be? I hadn’t actually made this cake until the day we did it for the show. Sure that’s not the wisest decision but I loved the finished look and I’m sure this will become a signature, I’ve already been asked to make another. If you can make macarons well, then you can make this cake. It needs accuracy, as the macarons need to be the same size, and needs to be assembled as close to the wedding reception as possible as it isn’t as stable as a wedding cake, but I think it makes for a stunning alternative to the more traditional choice and the extra effort is well worth it.

The Boy Who Bakes – The Book

I know I have mentioned it in the past but I thought it might be time to properly announce it – I have a baking book coming out in September of this year (I have my final photoshoot tomorrow)!! It has just been added onto Amazon and is available to pre-order, I really hope you all like it. It’s called The Boy Who Bakes and is baking that I love, in my modern and slightly inventive style. I can’t tell you how excited I am for everyone to see it, the recipes are ones I love and the book is looking beautiful!

In other news, I wanted to quickly let you all know that I will be doing a few food festivals this year and will announce them as they are confirmed but so far…

Glynde Food Festival 16th-17th July

Harvest at Jimmys 9th-12th September

Hope to see some of you there! ๐Ÿ™‚


14 responses to “Baking The Great British Wedding Cake

  1. Loved your macaron tower! Very impressive, and I love that you dusted them in gold. You give Laduree a run for their money!

  2. I really enjoyed the programme Ed and thought both your cakes looked absolutely stunning. And many congratulations on the forthcoming book!


  3. I loved the programme and was very impressed with ALL the cakes. Your traditional one was very classy and your modern one was really fun and glamorous. Will look out for your book.

  4. Congrats on the new book! Can’t wait to see and own it!! Watched the great british wedding cake tonight and oh my, your macaroon cake looks absolutely amazing!!! x

  5. Beautiful cakes – I really admire your precision and patience to make these.

  6. I managed to miss the show because I am a numpty. Will you poke me if you find out about any repeats?

  7. Loved your macaroon tower Ed and thought your daisies looked fab on your traditional cake! Will look out for your book when it is out in September. Well done!x

  8. Both cakes were beautiful – I loved the simplicity of the daisies and the macaroon tower was simply stunning. Good luck with the book.

  9. Show was great and was nice to revisit the theme last night – delighted I found your blog and have been poking around to check out your older recipes (pleased you have a book coming out!)!

  10. Edd, I shall be pre-ordering my copy of “The boy who bakes” immediately!! Can’t wait :0)

  11. I really enjoyed the TV show, and great news about your forthcoming book ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. I thought your ‘homage’ to the croquembouche was very well done and looked terrific.

    Your competitors’ cakes in the final round each had flaws that I think were pretty obvious to people who have worked with white chocolate or Italian merinque.

  13. Fab looking cakes, both of them. The trouble with your second is the premise that you need to know how to make macarons! Congratulations on your book.

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