Baking is my passion, my obsession really. I love taking simple, basic  ingredients like flour, eggs, butter and sugar and turning it into something delicious like cake. I love experimenting with new recipes and ideas and I hope the blog reflects that. I am also planning to take my passion and turn it into my career, and 2011 is the year I will make that happen, its looking a very exciting year indeed.

I am also the winner of the BBC series “The Great British Bake Off” airing August/September 2010 (I also have a couple of recipes in the accompanying book) which is looking for Britain’s best amateur baker.


Edd Kimber



Im also a keen photographer, my photos can be seen



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  1. Ed, if I had managed to cook macaroons like the ones in the photo, then there is no way that i would have gone to the class.
    Anyway, I enjoyed meeting you and am glad that I have your blog to watch. I don’t want to join Twitter but I will follow your blog. Email me any time you want.
    When I have time, I am going away until Tuesday, I will look at your site properly.
    Hope you enjoy staying with your brother.

  2. Hi There! I bumped into your Flickr for macarons pictures and recipes and got your link for this website there. I couldn’t believe what I see, your macarons are beautiful! Mine was disaster 😦

    Anyways, I enjoyed your blog which inspires me to write my baking adventure myself. Warm regards from Indonesia!

  3. Hi Ed! Thanks for the twitter follow! Glad I found your blog! Have much to check out…

  4. follow you on twitter but can’t seem to reply to you : this is the recipe that I use for marshmallows- it’s from H F-W :@bakingbynumbers this is the recipe I use, > H F-W and it’s here :http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/2006/nov/04/recipes.dessert

  5. Good luck with following your dream!

  6. Just wondering….what kind of camera do you use? your photographs are beautiful!

  7. Beautiful macarons.

  8. i simply love the stuff you do and eat!!!i am a big foodie!

  9. Love your blog Edd and am loving watching the Great British Bake Off…my money’s on you to win…no pressure 🙂

  10. Well Done Edd! I am not much of a cook myself, but it is so inspiring to watch you guys on the program. I am so happy you got to the finals, one gentleman among the ladies!

  11. Congratulations on winning the Great British Bake-off, Edd. You deserved it. Best wishes.

  12. edd, just watched the final of GBBoff, and well done mate! you have an amazing flair for all that you do and an understated yet authorative style. i am a big foodie, you will go far.

  13. Well done Edd! You did amazingly!

  14. Oh my word Edd!!!! You Won! I was so rooting for you (and Ruth!) You did so well. I knew during the bread week that you should win 🙂 I watched with my mum every week she would always say “I want to buy his cookbook!” Will there be one?

    Very well done again 🙂

  15. Well done Edd, I knew you were going to do it! I’m really thrilled for you and look forward to seeing what you get up to next.

  16. Many congratulations Edd! My other half and I were thrilled when your were announced as the winner!! We cheered so loud we frightened our dog ! It was well desereved, you are a natural and should do wonders in the world of baking! Congrats again. Nich

  17. Congrats. You inspired me to take on some more advanced baking. Do you have any book recommendations; either recipe or instructional? Sorry if you’ve answered this already. I’m using iPhone to browse so it’s awkward. I’m in Ireland but will travel to the US so I can pick up difficult to find titles 😉

  18. Many congratulations Edd. Loved all the recipes, all the best for the future.

  19. Hi Ed, I’ve been a massive fan of yours on the “Great British bake off” Thank you for re igniting my own passion for baking.

  20. I have always been a failure when it comes to pastry but your Leek, Chicken and Ham pie inspired me. It is now official. I CAN make pastry and I thank you for that.

  21. Hi Edd,
    congrats. been your fan since your appearance in Great British Bake Off. You are talented. and please, publish your recipes in books. it will be great when you put your own photos. (i like the way you take the photos as well)

    all the best! 🙂

  22. Hi, Edd! Congratulations! I just made salted caramel and will incorporate apples in my next macaron. Thank you!

  23. Hi Edd
    Was really pleased to see that you won the competition ! I to love baking and making bread and cakes as well as lots of other things. Cooking is away of relaxing for me. I want to start a blog to. Not really sure where to start , Any advice would be appretiated. I’m into photography to and own all canon equipment. Take alok at my site above. Cheers Ian

  24. Hey Edd,
    Just getting into the baking, I love it. Great to see someone else has batter mix stains on their Converse! 🙂 P

  25. Hi,

    I woudl like to give my other half a Macaron baking class with you for Xmas. Is there one planned so I can give her a ‘voucher’ / invitation?
    We are failing dismally with them in our kitchen despite 4 attempts.
    Best wishes

  26. Edd, many congratulations on winning The Great British Bakeoff! I think you are following in Jamie Oliver’s footsteps in getting more men into the kitchen cooking and baking.

    After watching the series I have just started making my own bread. It’s only a simple recipe but I cannot describe the immense satisfaction I felt when I first tasted it. No more shop bought bread for me!

    By the way I noticed you use an iPad for storing your recipes. Very cool!

    You are a real inspiration and I wish you every success in your new career.


  27. Domesticated Dad

    Hi Edd:

    Love the blog, and the passion you put into baking. In fact I have added you to my blogroll so that my readers can come and be inspired by your delicious recipes.

    Keep baking and good luck with your future adventures in baking!

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