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2010 Roundup

Its fair to say 2010 has been one amazing year. I started off working as a litigation clerk for a bank, a job I really didnt enjoy, and ended up the year by basically becoming self employed about to embark on some massive changes. You could say that my life has turned upside down. I, slightly reluctantly, entered The Great British Bake Off and beyond all my expectations I only went and won! Along the way there was of course a lot of baking, many cookbooks bought (a practice I have had to stop, cant justify cookbooks with no income!) and a holiday to Paris. Since ive been too busy to blog the way I would like I thought I would do a roundup of my favourite recipes, cookbooks etc of the year. Continue reading


Lemon Glazed Madeleines

Its time to say au revoir, I’m of to France, spending a week in the city of lights, old gay Paree. Yes im finally getting out of here for a bit of relaxation and more importantly food, specifically pastries. Im spending a week in Paris and its my plan to visit and sample as many patisseries as my stomach will humanly deem possible. By the time I come back I expect I will have put on countless pounds but I dont care, I plan to enjoy this trip to its fullest. I will hopefully have a post or two popping up whilst im away, if I ever get round to writing them, but I thought I would leave you with a little French treat, the Madeleine.  I have no Proustian (pretty sure thats not a word) connection to them, in fact before I made these I have never even tried one. I know its probably cliched but these would be perfect served with tea as they are not too sweet and just the right size, and if you find yourself eating more than one you can console yourself by pretending there small stature means the calories dont count. Continue reading

Perfect Homemade Mincepies

Since I was very young I can remember helping my Mum make mincepies each and every Christmas. They were one of the things I was allowed to help make, and I always looked forward to helping out. Now the mantle has been passed to me, so to speak, as I know make them myself but they have to meet the approval of Mum. This year we changed the tradition up a bit and for the first time made our own mincemeat. I followed a Delia Smith recipe but next time I would increase the spices, and I have reflected this in the post. I know its the weekend before Christmas and many people will be rushing around getting ready but if your not, why not stay at home, away from the cold and snow, and make a batch of these and get in the Christmas mood. Thats exactly what im going to do anyway. Continue reading

Pâte Sucrée – Sweet Pastry

Very quick post as a follow up to the previous, to provide the pastry recipe which has to be my favourite pastry of all time. I know that hyperbole is not exactly helpful but I’m sorry, I simply love this pastry. You can make this dough either on the counter or for quicker and easier method, use a mixer. Continue reading

Homemade Crumpets

Here comes another “rare” breakfast recipe and up this time is another old favourite. Crumpets always remind me of my Grandparents as they were always given to me and my brother when we stayed with them as kids so eating them always makes me nostalgic . When you buy them ready made yes they are tasty, but I find them too stodgy and well thats just no good is it. I hoped they wouldnt be too difficult to make and when I first tried them they were a disaster the batter was too thick and didnt get as bubbly as they should have, and they just would not set on top when cooked. I gave up, frustrated and annoyed. A couple of weeks later, after finding myself unexpectedly at home, I decided to have a relaxed morning and try again and was rewarded with great little crumpets, perfect for a late weekend breakfast when the weather is rubbish and you just want a tasty breakfast. Continue reading

Macarons Attempt

In the past I have just about managed to pull Macarons off successfully, but have yet to make a batch of chocolate ones correctly. After all the Ice Cream recently I had an abundance of egg whites so I thought the time was right to have another go. Macarons always remind me of Paris, especially a trip I took a couple of years back with my family. It was my second time there but only the first time I managed to get to Pierre Hermes shop by Saint-Sulpice. Continue reading

Awesome Oatmeal and Raisin Cookies



One of my all time favourite blogs is a constant source of inspiration and whenever I fancy baking something I search there first to see what Deb, the author, has tried. So far i’ve only had one dud recipe from and this is very possible just because of my aversion to oil based cakes. Everything else i’ve tried has been very good but I think this is my favourite so far. Like Deb when I think of great Oatmeal Raisin Cookies I have quite specific tastes. They need to thick and chewy but I don’t want any crunch. These were so good im very glad I only baked a few because I would of eaten them all. I froze the rest once shaped so next time I get a craving I’ll know where to head. 

  Continue reading