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Since the show finished I have been so busy, my feet have barely touched the ground, it has been such an exciting and fun time. I spent all wednesday the day after the final ensconced at the BBC doing about 20 interviews which was weird and amazing at the same time, especially doing BBC Breakfast. Want to know something secret about Breakfast? The “Green Room” is actually red (yeah that was a lame secret) Continue reading


Passion Fruit Meringue Tarts

Recently I have begun to really enjoy passion fruit, be it the passion fruit/chocolate macaron at Pierre Herme to the passion fruit tart I mentioned in my last post at Ottolenghi. After having the tart I immediately started thinking about trying to recreate it. I hoped the recipe would be in the Ottolenghi cookbook but alas it isn’t. It does includes a very similar lemon meringue recipe so I used that but substituted the lemon with my homemade passion fruit curd. I really enjoyed the result although they were maybe a little too sweet. Im not sure whether to put the blame on the curd or the meringue? When I make these next time I think I might fold the curd into some creme patisserie or whipped cream to lighten and tamper the sweetness a little or maybe even make a custard with the passion fruit. The lemon meringue recipe in the cookbook uses sugar heated in the oven for making the meringue but when I tried this it didn’t work. I like accuracy and this method didn’t give me the control over temperature to guarantee the egg whites being cooked so I prefer to cook the sugar and egg whites over a bain marie until it reaches 170F then whipped in a stand mixer, so thats the method I will provide. Continue reading

London Foodie Weekend Part 2

As I mentioned in my last post we had a really packed weekend, enough for a couple more posts but you know what? I can’t really be bothered reviewing them, it just isn’t my thing. Maybe its because I don’t eat out that often or maybe its just because I’m not that eloquent. In any case, rather than doing a full post on the restaurants we visited, I thought I would do a roundup post of pictures and quick thoughts. Continue reading

London Foodie Weekend

I have just returned from a wonderful food filled weekend in London. I was staying with my brother and we went for pizza at Franco Manca, for soup and sweets things at Ottolenghi, lots of chocolate at the Southbank Chocolate Festival, Dinner at the Cinnamon Club, and afternoon tea at Bea’s of Bloomsbury. I was actually in London for two reasons. Firstly my brother graduated from Birkbeck College with a Masters in Global Politics (yep pretty serious and heavy stuff) so my parents and I were down to go to the ceremony. The second reason is a bit more relevant here as I was attending an audition. Continue reading

Wahaca + Tayabbs

Both of the following restaurants were recommendations received via twitter. The first came from @Simon_Ki (who happens to be my brother) and the second from @SimonMajumdar who recommended Tayabbs. When I told my brother I was coming down to see him, he suggested we make a first venture out to Brick Lane for a curry. Now I should say we come from Bradford so we have had a fair share of curries both excellent and poor, so we were both looking for something to match the best of home. Continue reading

London Feeds Me

I was supposed to spend the day with my brother Simon but he had to go into work so I was at a loose end with no plans so decided to have a relaxed day, first off grabbing breakfast at Patisserie Valerie in Covent Garden where I got a big cup of coffee and an Almond Croissant which, although a little dry was still very tasty, flaky and with a healthy filling of Almond Paste (if anyone has a recommendation for a really stand out patisserie in London I would love to hear it). At lunch I headed to London Bridge for a wander around one of my favourite places, Borough Market. Continue reading

Chocolate Week 2009

So another week another PR push. Yes, I know I know, I did say that I wasn’t exactly a fan of National This or National That weeks. But this is chocolate and well…isn’t every week chocolate week, or is that just me? The event has been around for six years now and it aims to promote and support British Chocolatiers and producers. There are events and promotions across the country but the main reason I’m posting about it is that I attended the big launch event – Chocolate Unwrapped. Continue reading