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Banana Crumb Muffins

I seem to have gained something of a reputation as the resident baker at my office. We recently got a new manager and we had to do one of those awkward, cringe inducing, introductions and after I had said my bit one of my colleagues shouted “he bakes too”. Another colleague also recently brought me bakeware they had no use for. She had been convinced to buy a muffin pan from “Pampered Chef” a buy-at-home company I had never heard of. It was stoneware and had never been used but was only given to me on the promise of muffins in return. I settled on this and even though I dont use the recipe websites like Allrecipes very often, sometimes you just cant deny the agreement of 4500 reviews over the quality of a recipe. These were really moist and flavourful and I loved the crunchy topping, although it was a little too sweet and next time I would reduce the sugar a bit. Continue reading


Orange Blueberry Muffins

I LOVE blueberry muffins, they are my favourite thing to get at coffee shops to enjoy with a strong cappuccino. I havent made them before because, well, im a little tight. Normally blueberrys are expensive and I don’t have the craving strong enough to justify the spend (which is a little daft when you consider the cost of a blueberry muffin in a coffee shop). Anyway I was in the supermarket and saw that they had blueberries on offer so I bought some and knew just what I was going to make – muffins of course. In retrospect I should have realised there was a reason the berries were cheap, they were pretty tasteless. The muffins were nothing special because of that, and also because I slightly undercooked them. After I had one fresh I put the rest in the freezer because they were not bad enough to throw away. It turns out they were better once toasted and spread with a little butter, ive been enjoying the rest for breakfast over the past week. Continue reading