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Banana Bread with Coconut

Since bananas are available all year round and don’t really have a season you can make this loaf anytime but for me it seemed perfect for right now. The summer is most definitely over and its started to get slightly cooler with little spurts of rain, and so what better than some fresh warm banana bread. To say I was dubious of this cake would be a little of an understatement because its a cake with no eggs, the leavening comes from the baking soda and vinegar alone. This is something I had never tried before but it actually came out really well. The addition of coconut is also a lovely addition, adding another level of flavour although it is delicate but it was a great way to use up left over coconut. Banana bread was chosen because I had bananas speedily ripening on the counter that either needed eating or cooking with. I obviously decided to bake. I initially thought of making the brown butter banana bread on amateurgourmet.com but as I had coconut hanging around I settled on this and im very happy with it. My absolute  favourite way to eat banana bread is lightly toasted spread with a little butter and this was just perfect for that and since the top is encrusted with demerara you also get that slightly caramel flavour along with the texture of the crunch just perfect. Continue reading