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Carrot Cake Cookies

Have you ever had an idea you were really happy with only to find out it wasn’t unique or original like you thought it was. I was travelling to work and as normal my mind wasn’t on the day ahead instead it was where it normally is, back in the kitchen thinking up ideas. In fact most of the ideas I have come at odd moments, often just before I go to bed or at the gym, but more often than not they come whilst I’m bored at work. Unfortunately I wont have that time to dream up recipes I want to play with or techniques I want to try because as of last Friday I joined the ranks of the unemployed. I handed in my notice and left. Do I have something new and exciting lined up I hear you ask? No. So yes, maybe not the smartest thing taking a risk like this in this climate but I have decided it was time for some changes and to just make the leap. I’m taking a little time to do some thinking and planning about the future and am really excited to see what’s next (and on that note if anyone knows a pastry chef or baker that might be looking to take on a trainee drop me a line). Continue reading