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Great British Bake Off – Episode 2

I meant to write a post last week about my experiences of the show and of the cotswolds but never quite got around to it so this week I was prepared. I loved filming this weeks episode, the weather was so much better than the previous week. You couldn’t tell on the show but it rained almost the whole weekend and it was bitterly cold as well. Scotland was warm and sunny and when we were not filming we were out enjoying the sun. I also felt very comfortable in the kitchen compared to the week before, I was relaxed and excited to be there doing what I love.

For the first challenge we had to make biscuits and yes my definiton of biscuits includes cookies! I went with my oatmeal raisin cookies which were inspired by and adapted from a recipe from a New York bakery called Momofuku Milk Bar (original recipe here). The really interesting thing about the recipe is that they used milk powder to make crumbs to add a creaminess which I loved. So I played around and came up with a recipe using the same idea. For the show I adapted it further and changed the way I make them to make simpler and more straight forward. The recipe I used on the show isnt on the BBC website but my original adaption is here.

The Second Challenge was scones and, well… yeah I didnt do great on the challenge. I grew up on my mum’s wonderful scones and holidays in devon with real cream teas, but the ones my mum taught me to make are slightly more rustic so maybe ill just brush over this challenge…

The third and final challenge was the big one, macarons, meringues and choux buns. I make macarons a lot but not so much choux pastry and meringue but i wasn’t uncomfortable with them either. My macarons were filled with raspberry jam and a rose flavoured French buttercream. If you want to look at the recipes I use most often take a look at this post here.


Chocolate and Raspberry Cake

Yes yes I know I have been a terrible blogger over the last couple of months but trust me the reason will become apparent soon. I know I have promised before to get back in to the swing of blogging but this time I will actually do it. I have a batch of cookie dough resting in the fridge and am making homemade burgers and ketchup this weekend too so some good stuff coming up. I had planned on having a weekend of doing nothing, trying to relax and catch up on some sleep but this cake changed all that. My brother asked if I would make a birthday cake for his fiancé and of course I agreed and because I was making one thing why not something else, actually why not spend most of the weekend baking. Maybe my mind works differently to others but that’s way mine works. The only problem? The heat. I wasn’t the most comfortable making a chocolate cake on the hottest day of the year and in retrospect this was a poor choice for the weather. Even making the cake late a night was a little difficult and uncomfortable, so it’s not the best cake I’ve made but it should taste great. The cake can be kept for three days but in the heat would have to be kept in the fridge, meaning the frosting would firm up so try and give it plenty of time to soften again. Continue reading

Coconut Ice

What do you do when you have bought the wrong sort of coconut for a birthday cake? You make that old school favourite coconut ice of course. Normally it is just a mixture of desiccated coconut, condensed milk, icing sugar and a bit of food colouring, and yes it is good but we can do better than just good cant we? I was looking through some cookbooks when I spotted this recipe in, the so far underused, “Nutmeg and Custard” by Marcus Wareing. Along with the usual suspects Wareing’s recipe also includes white chocolate and raspberry jam, now doesn’t that sound even better the original? Yes its sweet, yes its not exactly healthy but sometimes you just need a little treat but beware these are quite addictive, you may want others around to prevent you eating the lot. Making this recipe wasn’t without incident though. My mixture seemed stuck at a certain temperature and no matter how long I continued to cook it just wouldn’t  get to the soft ball stage. When I eventually gave up and poured out the mixture I found a nice layer of burnt sugar which I guess should teach me that cheap cookware really isn’t great for candy making. Continue reading

Flavour Experiments

Simple post this time around ( im making some red velvet cupcakes tomorrow, first time making american style cupcakes or frosting, so a bigger post tomorrow). I had decided to make some more macarons to get some practice in and to try and improve. Well that didnt happen exactly! I used my tried and true Pierre Herme recipe using a sugar syrup for my egg whites but something, and I have no real idea what, went wrong. The eggs just wouldn’t get to the stage I needed them so I made do with as best as I could get them but I wasn’t happy. Earlier today when I was deciding on the flavours to make I suddenly though to have a little experiment with my favourite cookie the Oreo. Some may see this as the bastardisation of the macaron but i thought it was fun. I also made a raspberry. Both these fillings were just simple flavoured creams, I wasn’t really in the mood for making a buttercream after my earlier problem so I stuck with simple. The flavours are not bad the raspberry is not too strong and light and the oreo is nice in a guilty way but then theres nothing wrong with a guilty pleasure. 


As you can clearly see the macarons were far from perfect, but im happy with the flavours. I wont bother to post the recipe as its already on the blog and the fillings were very simple flavoured creams and I didnt follow a recipe.