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Coconut Ice

What do you do when you have bought the wrong sort of coconut for a birthday cake? You make that old school favourite coconut ice of course. Normally it is just a mixture of desiccated coconut, condensed milk, icing sugar and a bit of food colouring, and yes it is good but we can do better than just good cant we? I was looking through some cookbooks when I spotted this recipe in, the so far underused, “Nutmeg and Custard” by Marcus Wareing. Along with the usual suspects Wareing’s recipe also includes white chocolate and raspberry jam, now doesn’t that sound even better the original? Yes its sweet, yes its not exactly healthy but sometimes you just need a little treat but beware these are quite addictive, you may want others around to prevent you eating the lot. Making this recipe wasn’t without incident though. My mixture seemed stuck at a certain temperature and no matter how long I continued to cook it just wouldn’t  get to the soft ball stage. When I eventually gave up and poured out the mixture I found a nice layer of burnt sugar which I guess should teach me that cheap cookware really isn’t great for candy making. Continue reading


National Cupcake Week – A Recipe

So its National Cupcake Week here in the UK and yes, I know, I hear you, another __ week,  just what we need. It seems like every other day or week is national this or national that. The Cupcake Week, however is organised by the British Baker Magazine and its aim is to draw customers into bakeries across the country and well, this is something I can definately get behind. Ill put aside my cynism for once and try and find a local bakery to support, although I dont really know any. On the off chance there is no bakery around to give your business to, and you still fancy a cupcake why not have a go yourself. So I present to you my recipe for Ginger and White Chocolate Cupcakes. Okay so the cake recipe is from Martha Stewart and the frosting is based on a Billys Bakery recipe but hey they’re mine now! Originally I had planned on making caramelised white chocolate frosting but on a test run my white chocolate wasn’t working out and since I had just enough left for a final run I left it as plain white chocolate this time. Continue reading

Caramelized White Chocolate (in Ginger Ice Cream)

Do you ever see something online and just cant get it out of your head (no nothing like THAT!!). A couple of weeks ago David Lebovitz posted about his visit to the L’ecole du Grand Chocolate Valhrona and the new technique he learnt, how to caramelise white chocolate. Im one of those people that actually like white chocolate, I really like its creamy taste and so this idea seemed like heaven. Even more delicious sounding though was the idea he mentioned as an aside, fresh ginger ice cream with the chocolate swirled in. Sounds good doesn’t it. Well I couldnt wait any longer and as the weather was perfect this weekend I decided it was time to try it out. Continue reading