Monthly Archives: November 2010

Pumpkin Pie

I have a brand new favourite when it comes to autumnal dessert and it’s an American classic, pumpkin pie. You can forget apple pie, pecan pie and even Mississippi mud pie my new love is pumpkin. Actually scratch that I don’t think I could choose a favourite, how about we just say I love pie! Now first off I must say this recipe isn’t groundbreaking, it doesn’t use any weird ingredients. In fact the recipe comes from the back of a can, the Libbys pumpkin purée can to be exact. Yes I really am posting what must be the most commonly used pumpkin pie recipe around, the pastry recipe is one of mine though and hopefully it might encourage other Brits to try this American classic. Continue reading


Dinner at Le Manoir

Let me first apolgise for how quiet the blog has been recently, I have been very busy and have spent very little time at home and haven’t had much time to blog or even bake, I will try and rectify that this week. But back to the business of last week. After spending an amazing and inspiring week cooking in the pastry kitchen at Le Manoir they graciously invited me back to experience the restaurant itself, to enjoy a meal. I decided to bring along my parents because I wanted to have them enjoy it with me, as a kind of thank you for there support. I have to say it is the best meal I have ever eaten. The service was perfect, official but very warm and friendly. The food was also wonderful. We decided to go for the full nine course discovery menu along with appetisers and petit fours. I’m not always the most elegant of writters so I will try let the pictures speak for themselves, even though they are not that great. Continue reading