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Pork and Chive Dumplings

On a whim I decided to make chinese dumplings/potstickers. Its something I had being craving for a while and as with most things I crave I ended up in the kitchen attempting to make them. The great thing about these is that once you have made the filling you can relax in front of the TV or pop on some music and get to forming the dumplings. I stuck to the traditional pork and chinese chive filling but to be honest I wasnt 100% happy with the taste. The pork flavour was a bit funky and a little linear even though there is garlic chives, sesame oil, soy sauce, and garlic. If I was to make these again i’d add some ginger and maybe a little chilli to give a bit of heat and spice. Continue reading


Pierre Herme’s Salted Caramel Macarons

I have since made another version of these and they were much better

Paris is one of my absolute favourite places in the world and im planning another trip very soon, either later this or early next year. One of my favourite things about the city is its wonderful food culture and my absolute favorite place to indulge is Pierre Herme (not exactly an original choice but you cant dispute excellence). The things he sells look amazing, enticing and delicious and they taste just as good as they look. Herme is well known as one of, if not the, best places to get Macarons, those lovely little indulgent almond cookies filled with ganaches, creams and caramels. Continue reading

Peanut Butter Crispy Bars

Sometimes simplicity is more appealing than complexity. These PB bars from “Baked” were just the key, very simple and the oven didn’t even get turned on. I adore baking but sometimes I dont want to cross my fingers and hope I did everything right. With a recipe like this everything is done and finished fast. The crispy layer is the first thing you do and is the only possibly tricky thing as it involves a bit of sugar/syrup work, but I think the idea of boiling sugar is much worse than the actual process. The other 2 stages are simplicity itself, if you can melt chocolate you can make it. They are also addictive but then I should have known they would be, I mean chocolate and peanut butter in a bar! no question it was going to be good. Continue reading

Peter Reinhart’s Bagels

After my recent success with Peter Reinharts Pizza dough (which, by the way I just ate for dinner) I thought I would give his bagel recipe a go. Proper bagels are not easy to come across anywhere here, in fact the only traditional bagel I have ever had in Britain was in London on Brick Lane. That bagel was considerably chewier than what I regularly get from the supermarket which are okay but nothing special. Bagels, like the Pizza Dough, are a two-day process and use a slow rise in the fridge overnight. Whilst the process is long I think it’s worth it, there is nothing better than fresh bread to improve any sandwich. Continue reading

Hand Pulled Noodles – Failure

I have been a bit obsessed recently with the idea of making my own hand pulled noodles. I did a lot of reading online, watching whatever videos I could find and finally tonight I had a go and well, as the title of the post suggests is was a failure. I spent an hour and a half kneading the dough and it never got to the stage it needed to so this batch ended up in the bin. It was too tight and if I ever even attempted to pull the dough it just ripped. I have no real idea why it didn’t work out but my suspicions are that I could have added more water but after all that kneading I just gave up but as the ingredients are just flour, water, oil, baking soda and salt I will definitely be trying again soon. If you want a try my recipe came from Ive listed the ingredients below but go to the website for lots of information of how to make the dough

156g cake flour
25g Plain Flour

110g Warm Water

2g Salt

1g Baking Soda

6g Vegetable Oil


I was going to post about a seriously decadant chocolate sorbet recipe today but I had a big craving for fresh doughnuts and whilst I cant satisfy that craving right now I can relive the experience vicariously through a post on the doughnuts I made a little while back, but forgot to post about. Continue reading

Chocolate Cupcakes

It may have been arrogance, but for sure it was cockiness that when I was making this recipe for only the second time I thought I could improve it. Well I’m definitely not at that stage yet; my “improvement” gave the worst cupcake texture I had ever made (I added 1/8 cup milk). Continue reading