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Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Fried Basil and Chestnut

I am the first to admit that my strength’s in the kitchen are centered around the sweet stuff. Last time I cooked fish it was a disaster! But I do try and sometimes I actually succeed and this was definitely one of those times. In the penultimate edition of Gourmet quite a few things caught my eye and have been added to my “to cook” list but this was the first I decided to tackle. I had been wanting to try gnocchi for quite a while both because i’ve never eaten it and wanted to try making it. It also seemed like a perfect autumn dish what with the main ingredients being gnocchi sage and chestnut – cant really get much more on season than that in my mind. Continue reading


Quince Quince Everywhere

Up until this past week I had never had Quince, but this time every year I always get intrigued by the many posts extolling the virtues of this elusive fruit. I headed off to Leeds Kirkgate Market, which is normally pretty good, hoping to track down myself some fruit but none of the greengrocers had it, one hadn’t even heard of it, he just gave me an odd quizzical look making me feel stupid like I had asked in a foreign language. I reluctantly gave up hope, maybe its just not possible to get the fruit in the north, maybe we don’t have the weather to grow them, dejected I gave up. A couple of weeks later I was in London visiting my brother and at a bit of a loose end I ended up wandering around Borough Market and unplanned, and not exactly conveniently, left with a rather large (and quite expensive) bag of quince. Continue reading

Omelette with Chorizo and Parsley

Since I stated in the last post I would cook at least one recipe from any food magazine I buy I’ve started off as I mean to go on and this is the second recipe from the October edition of “Olive” (yes I made this and the apple cake a little while ago). I wanted something simple but very tasty and fast and this jumped off the page and I cooked it as soon as I got back from the supermarket. This is one of those recipes that food magazines include but its not an article, or with detailed directions, its more of a sidebar throw in, but often these recipes are the simple tasty things I feel like cooking for diner. I really enjoyed this, it was perfect for a quick diner and im definite i’ll cook this in the future. Continue reading

Caramelised Apple Cake

Certain foods will always remind me of different seasons even if it is something I have all year round. Apples for example are not exclusive to the current time but add a bit of cinnamon and all I can think of is curling up at home, where its warm, eating apples in a crumble or, with this new recipe, in a rustic warming cake. This is a great backup as there is no out of the ordinary ingredients and it can be whipped up pretty fast so is a great recipe to have for emergencies or lazy sundays where you want something a bit sweet but with minimal effort. I would say to make sure you apple layer isnt too thick. I chose large apples and ended up with quite a substantial layer which resulted in a slightly soggy top, but to honest it was still really tasty so im just being picky, it also might be that I didnt cook the apples enough maybe. This recipe comes from Olive magazine which I have recently started to buy. I never really bought food magazines but recently have started getting this and Gourmet, which of course has now gone belly up. When I started to get the magazines I told myself that I must cook at least one recipe from each edition so if I can keep to my word you should see recipes from magazines regularly (definitely for the time being as I have another 2 done coming up soon) Continue reading

Wahaca + Tayabbs

Both of the following restaurants were recommendations received via twitter. The first came from @Simon_Ki (who happens to be my brother) and the second from @SimonMajumdar who recommended Tayabbs. When I told my brother I was coming down to see him, he suggested we make a first venture out to Brick Lane for a curry. Now I should say we come from Bradford so we have had a fair share of curries both excellent and poor, so we were both looking for something to match the best of home. Continue reading

London Feeds Me

I was supposed to spend the day with my brother Simon but he had to go into work so I was at a loose end with no plans so decided to have a relaxed day, first off grabbing breakfast at Patisserie Valerie in Covent Garden where I got a big cup of coffee and an Almond Croissant which, although a little dry was still very tasty, flaky and with a healthy filling of Almond Paste (if anyone has a recommendation for a really stand out patisserie in London I would love to hear it). At lunch I headed to London Bridge for a wander around one of my favourite places, Borough Market. Continue reading

Chocolate Week 2009

So another week another PR push. Yes, I know I know, I did say that I wasn’t exactly a fan of National This or National That weeks. But this is chocolate and well…isn’t every week chocolate week, or is that just me? The event has been around for six years now and it aims to promote and support British Chocolatiers and producers. There are events and promotions across the country but the main reason I’m posting about it is that I attended the big launch event – Chocolate Unwrapped. Continue reading